Curtain information

You've found your design, now for the finishing touches! 

Eyelets: When choosing eyelets, please make sure that your curtain pole is placed high enough to account for the additional drop. Eyelets are a classic way of making the most out of your chosen fabric, whilst still being practical and stylish.




Pencil Pleats: Pencil pleats allow your curtain to naturally bunch beneath the curtain pole, creating a classic finish. The fabric may hang slightly differently, so we would suggest a thicker lining to ensure the linen doesn’t crease. Pencil pleats may need tiebacks to keep the fabric neat whilst open.



Pinch Pleats: The Double Pencil Pleat creates a neat, uniform heading, as well as a well-behaving drop. The end result of which is a classic, elegant addition to your space. The linings may hang differently depending on the weight of the fabric, so please let us know the type of drop you require and we will happily suggest the best lining.