Francesca Stride


Textiles to Tiles: Francesca Stride designs new tile ranges for Bert & May

We have launched a range of exclusive new designs by two young British textile designers, Joanna Robins and Francesca Stride. This new collection marks the launch of Bert & May’s design collaboration programme that sees the brand engage with emerging design talent.

The new four-strong tile collection, Textiles to Tiles, challenges the application of creative design from one medium to another, exploring the possibilities of applying a highly tactile three dimensional textile design to a hard and flat cement surface. 

Commenting on the new Textiles to Tiles collection, Founder of Bert & May, Lee Thornley says, ‘This has been a great year for Bert & May with the expansion of our brand into new areas of design, but we wanted to return to our heartland with four new tile designs for 2016. We are passionate about supporting new design talent and are delighted to be working with Francesca and Joanna on this exciting new collaboration .’

falseDesigner: Francesca Stride

Francesca finds inspiration for her designs from colours, patterns, compositions and textures in everyday architectural structures whether it be in Glasgow, London or further afield in Europe. For example, painted facades, internal stairwells, building’s texture compositions and geometric details.

To create her designs, Francesca selected a number of photographs from initial research and collaged them to create new more abstract compositions of shape and pattern. With these new arrangements she then used collage to develop the shape and patterns.

Francesca’s aim was  to create a design that is versatile and for the customer to be able to create their own pattern with them depending on where they are being used.



Tile name: The Gellert Tile

This tile has been created using Old Iron, Brighton Stone and Tibet Orange colour ways.

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Name: The Blai Tile

This tile has been created using Portland Stone and Pewter Black colour ways.

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Name: The Semipione Tile

This tile has been created using Old Iron and Pewter Black colour ways.

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