About the product

Bert and May’s Eco Emulsion paint is water based, breathable, free of all solvents and lead, and suitable for both internal and external walls.  This is a very practical paint that is wipe-able, water resilient and delivers a beautifully soft matt finish.  Most ready made paints are pre diluted before you buy them which can lead to the water content going off and the product therefore has a limited shelf life.  We have created our paints in a concentrated format which gives an infinitely longer shelf life and provides you with a greater surface coverage per undiluted tin of paint. 



We would always recommend that you prepare your walls as best you can in order to obtain optimum results. 

Clear the area to be painted of loose material, grease and oil.

Over unpainted internal walls: apply one coat of Eco-Bind diluted with 4 parts water to 1 part Eco-Bind if the wall is powdery to the touch.

E.g. For every 1 litre of Eco-Bind you will need to add 4 litres of water. 

Over previously painted walls:  remove as much old flaking paint as possible. Remember that the paint must be applied to a dry surface.



Our eco emulsion can be applied by brush, roller and spray gun. We recommend that you leave at least 6 hours before applying a second coat and we always advise to paint two coats for best results. Do not apply in temperatures below 5C or over 30C. Avoid retouching the final coat.



The first and second coat will need to be diluted with 30% water.  The paint will still appear very thick but you will see that the paint spreads easily providing beautiful, flawless coverage.



1 litre of diluted paint will cover approximately 12 square meters of wall space per coat.



Remove as much paint as possible from application equipment before washing. Wash tools immediately after use in warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly. Do not empty product in to drains or watercourses.


General Information

We use natural pigments to colour our paints and therefore colour variation can occur between batches.  Keep the lid tightly on. Keep out of reach of children. Do not swallow and avoid eye contact. If accidental contact occurs, rinse eyes thoroughly with water.