New launch: Our Diamonds collection
New launch: Our Diamonds collection

By Marketing Bert & May

Mar 17, 2021

We’ve always looked to the past to inform the present, and from intricate antique patterns to stark, modern lines, our designs represent and draw inspiration from a wide range of eras and styles. With our new Diamonds collection, we’ve looked to one of our favourite design movements of all time - mid-century modern.

The distinctive look born from this iconic design era was once considered more of a niche style, but a recent surge in popularity has seen it become a staple in contemporary interior design.

This isn’t the first time we’ve referenced mid-century modern in our collections - some of our most popular and enduring ranges feature the geometric shapes and sleek lines synonymous with the period - but with our Diamonds, we’ve interpreted the look a little differently.

From Florence Knoll’s neat, functional furniture to Charles and Ray Eames’ highly prized chairs, we’ve looked at key designers and pieces from the time, considered what made them so iconic, and used this to inform the collection.


Images via Pinterest

Distinctive shapes, tapered edges and simple lines all come into play, but it’s not just form we’ve taken into consideration - it’s the era’s distinctive colour palette too. Bold, earthy shades reigned supreme at the time, so with this in mind, we’ve created two brand-new colours that reference the look -Sweet Yellow and Marigold.


These rich shades are designed to combine well with browns and matt black, as well as cool grey and beige. They’re also natural partners to our classic colours Old Iron and Pearl.


To create a real mid-century mood, pair with leather chairs, teak furniture and a few simple ornaments.  Alternatively, use these tiles to add a hint of the style to a smaller space - they work beautifully in place of a headboard in this stylish set-up.



However you choose to use our Diamonds, they will bring a hit of timeless style to your space and help build a look as enduring as the era they’re inspired by.

Find our new Diamonds collection here. These new tiles are part of our Modernist collection of mid-century inspired designs and colours - explore the range here.