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We are often told how much you love our chalky colours! We love them too and so we are excited to launch our collection of 48 earth inspired paints and share with you, the story behind our colour obsession. 

We are magpies for the beautiful and colourful and it is in our searches for reclaimed pieces, that this love for colour and particularly muted tones, originates. Coupled with our passion for raw materials, our collection of handmade tiles, basins and now paint has been born.

The authenticity of colour in reclaimed finds is drawn into our new collections. Just like our tiles and basins, our paint is made by hand using liquid pigment giving them a semi- transparent nature and matte finish. Brought together by our palette, seen across all of our collections, it is possible to create a beautifully cohesive look.

 The full colour story

The majority of our pigments are naturally derived and create the muted, chalky tone for which we are known; much softer than anything synthetic and mass-produced. This is a principle which is not only a very important part of our aesthetic but also to our responsibility to the environment.


Available in Eco-emulsion, Limewash and Eggshell, each colour has 4 variations of shade, achieved through blending different strengths of the same pigment; the more pigment added, the deeper and richer the colour. 

We believe that colour has a huge impact on how you feel and live and so it is important to choose those which will not only enrich your interior but also create the right mood. And in telling our own colour story, we also wanted to share the individual connotations and origin of our palette; after all, we are all about the story in our products!



Our white - Brighton Stone

Arguably the most important colour! It is, in fact, made up of all colours making it a symbol of unification as well as purity and peace. Our own version, Brighton Stone, is an earthy, mineral white which creates a sense of calm. Suitable for anywhere, from painted details such as floors, window and door frames to whole rooms. Explore our collection of white tiles.



Our yellows - Straw and Canola

Typically a colour associated with the sun, spice and warmth, yellow is related to happiness, homeliness and joy. It can be bright like our Canola yellow, a rich, earthy ochre or muted like our buttery Straw yellow, making it both energising or cosy and a perfect welcome in hallways or for reception rooms and bedrooms.Shop our wonderful collection of yellow tiles.



Our orange - Mandarin


Immediate connotations of orange, are of course, its fructus namesake which often results in divided opinion when it comes to interiors. However, our shades of Mandarin look to dispel the naysayers by offering both a deeper, more terracotta tone at one end, graduating to a delicate, peachier version in it’s palest form. Mandarin 3 and 4  will give punch to details such as bookcase alcoves while Mandarin 1 and 2 create a gentle warmth making it a good option for north-facing rooms.



Our blues - Navy and Lake 

Thoughts of big skies and vast oceans evoke a sense of calm. Originally made with the most precious of all pigments, Lapis Lazuli, blue has historically been sparse in it's inclusion in interior schemes being reserved only for the wealthy. Now blue tiles have almost almost become staple particularly in bathrooms and kitchens. There is so much variation in this colour. Our Lake blue is a warmer version due to it's greener tones whilst Navy, without being cold, has a fresher feel.



Our greens - Fennel and Forest

The horror of the infamous avocado bathroom suite has not done green any favours. Thankfully we are celebrating it's revival in much prettier tones. Our Forest green is fresh, reminiscent of the calm of woodland while our bluer Fennel, is spirited and rich, carrying the energy of the Mediterranean coast. We have seen green tiles being used a lot in kitchen cabinetry as well as bedrooms.


Our pinks - Cherry and Leather


Archaic opinion that pink is purely a feminine colour has kept it confined to certain rooms such as nurseries and the lesser-used of spare bedrooms. However pink has cast aside stigma and reintroduced itself as less sugary and more earthy. This is particularly evident in our Leather. It is sophisticated and soft but also robust, making it perfect for a study or dining room. Of course, we still have a more delicate tones in our pink tile in our collection; our Cherry is pretty, bright and fresh like Spring blossom.



Our neutrals - Old Iron, Limestone and Milk


Transcending all colour categories and the saviour of many interior schemes, you can rarely go wrong with a neutral tile

. Our final colours, Old Iron, Limestone and Milk are classic tones which are easy to commit to. Segment and highlight areas within a space or use them to link between rooms.

Our Old Iron is not quite black but rather a sophisticated and deep charcoal at it's darkest and a warm mineral grey at it's lightest. Our Limestone has browner tones, reminiscent of ground stone and mushroom which will create a calming atmosphere and Milk is warmer still; a classic cream at 1 and 2 with a richer blend of ochre and umber at 3 and 4. 

As before, it is a priority for us that our paint is as eco-friendly as possible meaning that they do not contain any plastics or harmful VOCs. Our Eco-emulsion and Limewash is water-based, breathable and completely ecological; free from solvents and all their components. Packaging is also a big consideration. While we don’t have much choice but to use plastic tubs, these are made using recycled plastic and we would happily take the empties to re-use! Just send back to any one of our stores.

Our aesthetic is one which we hope that you will relate to. We love the feel of those homes where the interior finds it's greatness in the sum of it's parts. A genuine curation of colour, texture and individual pieces are a reflection of personality; your own story if you like. This is key to our aesthetic and we hope that our range will help you create a space that feels effortlessly cohesive and one which you will love.

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