Opulent and elegant, marble conjures images of Hellenic statues, towering columns, and majestic temples. Prized for millennia because of their luxurious weight and natural durability, and with an array of organic shades and colours available, marble tiles are unmatched for creating a grand interior design.

Naturally beautiful marble tiles

Marble tiles truly showcase the beauty of nature in its rawest form. Formed by cooling lava and magma, marble is quarried from deep within the Earth's surface and cut into slices to reveal distinct colour variations and unique veining, which makes every piece of marble tile one-of-a-kind. Uncover the understated glamour of this natural stone, especially easy to pair with industrial finishes such as gold, brass, and copper to create a design that is palatial and never garish.

Where can you use marble tiles?

Natural stone is one of the best materials for tiles as it is hardwearing, water-resistant, and scuff-proof, so you can use it in almost any room. Set the stage for your home and create a magnificent entrance using marble hallway tiles. Sleek
and easy to clean, marble is a great choice for entrance halls where there is a lot of footfall.

Most commonly used as kitchen tiles and bathroom tiles, marble can turn a room into a stately space. Use bright neutral shades to open up the area and catch any natural light to make an airy, modern design with minimal effort. Or be inspired by five-star spas, with black tiles that envelope you and transform your bathroom into an escape for relaxation and rejuvenation.

When using marble wall tiles, keep in mind that this is a very heavy material so you will need to ensure your walls can properly support the weight.

Marble tile shapes & designs

Give marble a contemporary twist by exploring our different tile shapes and designs. Our marble collection includes
large and small hexagonal tiles that add interest to the traditional appearance. This honey-comb pattern is a stunning way to show off the natural colour variations in the stone and create a unique centrepiece for your home.

You can also choose marble herringbone tiles, which are used to create the iconic parquet flooring pattern. Available in striking green, black, white, and lilac-veined colourways, you can design a bespoke laying pattern that contrasts shades for maximum effect. Pair with our dynamic terrazzo tiles to highlight the beauty of the hand-poured tiles.

Want to know more? With our marble guide, you can learn about how we curated our marble collection and get expert opinions on how to pair this natural stone with the Bert & May signature colour palette.

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