This is our tailored and bespoke service for our trade and commercial clients. If you have a particular colour we can work with our makers to match to that colour. If you have your own design you want interpreting on a tile we can do that too. Or we can work with you to create something unique to your project. Let our designers and finders help you. We have work on tenders of varying scales scores, from tiny quirky spaces to big names like Soho House. Whatever the size of your project let us bring you that bespoke edge.

Have a look around some of our case studies where you will see how we have worked collaboratively with our clients to create a bespoke and tailored look. 
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put on our hard hats and a high vis jacket and do a site visit! 

Planning a Commercial Project?

For a limited time we are offering clients up to 50% off on orders over 50sqm, perfect for planning your large scale projects. For more information, please email

Recent Projects

We are passionate about design and our unique aesthetic and we love to work collaboratively with interior designers and architects to curate a bespoke look.

We would love to be integral to your next project and not merely become a supplier. we go out of our way to find products we love. We also believe in the honesty and integrity of design and craft. We work with our design team and makers to develop a truly unique and tailored design service. We can develop bespoke exclusive designs for your project. We can curate and make bespoke colours and styles. And this can encompass a whole scheme or just the tiles. All our colours are derived from natural pigments and we can mix and create bespoke finishes and tones that fit with your project. Whatever the size of your project the Bert & May aesthetic guarantees to deliver something unique.

We are all about the unique; the one-off; the hard-won. We love handmade and we love tailor made. We are finders and seekers. And we know how to bring a space together. We can curate elegant yet relaxing spaces with the depth and texture that are inherently present in the handmade and the reclaimed. We have mix of materials and products that all work together.

Bringing together all our natural materials and finishes is what apitimises the Bert & May aesthetic. Brass with handmade tiles and hand poured concrete basins all derived from the same natural pigments. Wood flooring and cladding for your sitting room with reclaimed tiles in the hallway. Our styles are timeless and effortless. There is a nod to the trends, but we are confident in our style and how we can work with your own personal style too. We let the materials and the textures do the talking and this allows our pieces to work across all styles be it eclectic, mid century, modern country or relaxed pared back.

We are all about the unique and we love a finding mission so if you have something specific in mind or you would like design direction we can help you. We will track down one offs just for your project.