Trier Tile Installation Guide


This document is designed as a guidance note for certified trade professionals.  Please note that it is essential to wear suitable protective eyewear and clothing when cutting or drying tiles.




  • It is of major importance that the floor tiles are well mixed.
  • The checks are always laid in running bond.
  • We recommend to keep a joint width of 2 (to 3) mm. The tiles are handmade, may differ slightly in size and a good installation will require just a little more attention and time. The laying in running bond will help to keep the prescribed joint width.
  • Wet the tiles briefly before installation so that the mortar/ glue cannot dry too quickly.
  • To be laid in a grey mortar bed.
  • It’s appropriate to double-glue the tiles, this means put glue on both the tile and the underground.
  • Joint colour: silvergrey or old white. In case of doubt, you may ask the floor layer to perform a sample before jointing the whole surface.
  • The joint can always be 1 mm deeper than the tiles, so not level with them. This will keep the shape of the floor tiles visible whereas the joint remains less apparent.
  • Before starting the jointing work, wet the floor abundantly. Joint small surfaces at once and sweep them off regularly. The tiles are very susceptible to cement grout film and must be cleaned correctly.


  • When the tiles are completely dried out, clean the entire surface (with cement remover when necessary) until all traces of cement are removed. When the floor is fully dry again, please treat the surface with the impregnation product “Remmers Funcosil AG impregnering” or “Lithofin Cotto Pre Wax”. Apply the product twice with a soft painting roller, wet on wet. The product can foam slightly while you are applying it. After treating the whole floor, please polish it with a clean cotton cloth until all stripes have disappeared. Please only walk over the floor after 24 hours.
  • Weekly maintenance with a vacuum cleaner and a nourishing soap (Berdy Topbril or Lithofin Wash & Clean) afterwards.
  • Enjoy the beautiful results


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