2024 Trend Forecast

2024 Trend Forecast

By Megan Scott

Dec 20, 2023

With all eyes on the new year, we thought we’d take this opportunity to share the looks, themes and trends we think are set to dominate the world of interiors (and exteriors) in 2024…


In an era where environmental consciousness takes centre stage, the rewilding concept is particularly noteworthy. Based around the idea of nature reclaiming its rightful place in spaces that may have been developed or are recovering from human damage (read more about it on the Greenpeace blog here), rewilding prompts us to acknowledge the profound impact of design choices on the environment.

As a design approach, this can mean using natural elements such as reclaimed wood, stone and plant-based textiles to foster a connection with the outdoors. More than simply enhancing the aesthetic appeal of spaces, this is about contributing to the wellbeing of our planet.

Curves, Patterns and Prints

2024 will herald a return to artistic expression within interiors, with a focus on fluid lines, patterns and prints. A more organic approach to shapes will see more freedom in design and a shift from bold geometry. Think brushstrokes, irregular forms and softened curves – embracing the perfectly imperfect forms found in nature. 

Sustainable Design

Sustainability will quite rightly continue to be a huge focus throughout the industry, with antique and salvaged materials remaining heroes of interior spaces, offering a rich tapestry of history and character. This is something that’s particularly close to our hearts, and our upcoming Casa Edit in February, in particular, will seamlessly integrate the ethos into its philosophy, with each piece telling a story of resilience and timeless beauty. 

Bert & May's commitment to sustainability extends beyond aesthetics, however. Our Reclaimed tiles kickstarted the creation of our business, and continue to embody a company-wide dedication to reducing our environmental impact. These one-off, salvaged items serve as a testament to Bert & May’s mission to reimagine interiors with a focus on both style and substance.

Ask the Experts...

Members of the team share their predictions for the year ahead: 

Annie McIntyre
U.S Design Manager

I think that 2024 will see more people incorporating natural stones like terracotta and marble into their homes, as opposed to simply using them outdoors or in commercial spaces, and creating bold textures and patterns with heavily veined marbles such as arabescato and oynx. There could also be a shift to using more bold marbles in homes to create the ‘luxury effect’ - almost taking the kind of interiors you see in hotels into the comfort of your own home.

Chrome tones are everywhere at the moment, and I think this will continue into 2024, along with other metals being used to create bold combinations. Metal is so versatile and is being used to break up interiors. I can see lots of traditional environments with added hard metals next year.

I also think that blue is set for a comeback, cobalt especially! Neutral palettes will die off and bold blues will start getting used more frequently. Going back to the above point about metals breaking up traditional interiors, I can see the same but using bold colours like azure.

Nel Theakston
London Design & Sales Manager

Next year, I think we will see a bit of an 1980s/90s revival, which means a mix of classic and modern; antiques and hard metal finishes. I also think we will be leaning into more refined and simplified materials, textures and motifs with particular inspiration coming from traditional Japanese interiors who do tactile minimalism so well.

In addition, I think there’s likely to be a bigger demand for smaller-scale tiles and mosaics as well as flatter-finish glazes mixed with polished wood and stainless steel. We will evolve away from rustic in favour of more structure and cleaner lines.


In terms of colour palette, I think we’ll be pulling away from tonal combinations in favour of more complementing contrasts. We see this as a combination of a neutral, a bold colour and a dark colour to ground. For patterns, I think there will be more requests for angular geometrics and weave motifs.

What are your trend predictions for the year ahead? Join the conversation on Instagram @bertandmay #bertandmay

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