Can I use your tiles around the fireplace? Are they heat resistant?

Our glazed tiles are fired in kilns at very high temperatures. They can be used in fireplace installations and will not be damaged by heat. Our cement tiles are also fine in high temperatures and are suitable behind fireplaces, Agas and conventional hobs and ovens. 

Can I use your tiles in the shower?

Yes, our tiles are suitable for wet applications. Please note that in regularly wet areas, such as showers, it is common for some tiles to darken and lighten as they become wet and then dry. We recommend you work with your installer as to whether you require tanking.

What tiles can I use in a pool or fountain?

We have tiles suitable for pools. Please check with our Design Team.

Can I use your tiles for exterior projects?

We have installed our cement tiles outside on vertical and horizontal outside surfaces with no issues providing they are well sealed. We do not recommend using our glazed tiles outside on horizontal surfaces as they will be very slippy. Please contact us and we will help determine the suitability of our tiles for your exterior installation.

Is tiling without grouting possible?

In practice, tiling without grouting is not recommended. Even for cut edge tiles, a minimum 1mm, preferably 2mm grouting is recommended.

What is the best way to clean my tiles?

For everyday cleaning, simply use a pH-balanced natural cleaner to care for your tiles. We do not recommend the use of any acids to clean our tiles and it is always wise to test any other cleaning methods in an inconspicuous area of your installation.

Where is my installation guide?

You can find all installation guides here.

Can I use my tiles on the wall? 

We have fixed all our tiles to walls without any issues but we recommend you check the suitability with your professional installer.

Do you have showrooms, where can I see the tiles?

Yes, you can see our tiles and meet our designers in our three showrooms - Chelsea, London, York, and Bristol.

Adhesive and grout?

We recommend Mapei products for both grout and adhesive. Mapei Keraflex is an excellent cement based adhesive. Mapei Ultracolor Plus Grout offers multiple colour options. 

How do I seal my tiles?

For guidance on how to seal, please refer to our installation guide

How do I lay my tiles? 

We recommend you lay the tiles out dry first and then refer to our installation guide for full instructions. 

I need help with the patterns...

We can provide a suggested layout or recommended tessellations, contact our Design Team for further advice. 

How do I know if I’ve ordered the correct quantity?

We recommend adding 10% extra on to your order for wastage. We can calculate this for you if requested. You can also use our tile calculator if you know the meterage and this will automatically add in the 10% wastage. If you are unsure please contact our Design Team.

How do I cut into corners and odd shapes?

We recommend a wet fed tile saw for straight cuts. For more complicated shapes, an angle grinder fitted with a diamond cutting disc should be used. For more information, please refer to our installation guide. 

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