Our first love is reclaimed tiles. They were the catalyst for our business and even now, nothing compares to the excitement of discovering rare and beautiful finds from across Europe. What makes reclaimed tiles so special? It’s that they are limited edition in the truest sense of the word and an example of real craftsmanship. Time and environment leave their mark, gifting each tile its own unique character; something that can never be replicated by mass-produced and machine-made tiles. Our reclaimed tiles are brought to the UK, cleaned up and made ready to be re-loved.

If you love the reclaimed look but need a bigger quantity, why not have us remake it for you.  Our specialist makers will recreate the design for you, allowing you to order the exact quantity you require. Forming a traditional tile mould and blending antique colours is a skilled and delicate process and we are proud to be able to offer this unique service to all of our customers

Email design@bertandmay.com