Bert & May x Alitex

Bert & May x Alitex

By Marketing Bert & May

May 17, 2023

We always look forward to the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, but this year, we’re even more excited than usual, as we’ve joined forces with the expert team at specialist greenhouse company Alitex to bring you something really special — we’ve tiled the greenhouse at their stand with our Espadas tile. 

We’ll also be showcasing our capsule Greenhouse Collection. Inspired the classic greenhouse aesthetic, this collection features a curated edit of tiles in a selection of colours from Bert & May’s signature palette, in suitable finishes for a greenhouse setting. These include encaustic, reclaimed and terracotta. We’ve also included some classic patterns that we feel work particularly well in this kind of setting.


Alongside all this, we’ll be revealing our brand-new colour, Bay Green. Inspired by nature, this gorgeous dark grey-green is a perfect match for outdoor spaces. And where better for it to make its debut than in a beautifully designed Alitex greenhouse?

Nelly Hall, Creative Director at Alitex says "Bert & May and Alitex is really obvious collaboration in so many ways. When people build a greenhouse they’re not just building a greenhouse as a working place, they might want to make it look and feel beautiful inside - and occasionally you might want something different. What made me realise how good this is as a collaboration is that when B&M came to visit us at Torberry and we started to lay out tiles to do the photoshoot – I never imagined how cool they’d look -  so we’re actually going to lay some permanently at Torberry as well as featuring some in our new welcome building." 

Our Creative Director, Ruth Webber, tells us a little more…

How did the collaboration with Alitex come about?

It was a happy accident. Both brands crossed paths and it sparked a conversation about how we could work together. There’s a natural fit with our products — our tiles are the ideal partner for greenhouses.

Why is Bert & May excited to be working with Alitex?

Alitex is a British brand, just like us, and we both share a passion for creating products that are built to last. 

How did you decide which tiles to use in the Chelsea greenhouse?

I wanted the look to complement the greenhouse space and feel like it was almost part of the fittings, rather than a bold statement. The beauty of the contents of the greenhouse can then be celebrated and be the hero of the space.

Why are tiles a great choice for greenhouses? 

Our handmade cement tiles are hardwearing and bring in pattern and colour. They allow greenhouses to feel like more than just practical growing spaces by adding a new element of design. This in turn helps make the space feel more like an extension of the home, somewhere you can sit with your morning coffee and relax or even create into an indoor-outdoor dining experience. Why not design the garden and the greenhouse with the same considerations and approach you would to an interior space?

Please provide details of the Greenhouse Edit

Nelly and I curated a collection of tiles that we felt suited the look and feel of the Alitex greenhouse range. Alitex has a soft, nature-inspired colour palette, so we have selected products to complement this. Taking our cues from the great outdoors, we have selected a selection of plain colours:

Bay green – a muddy, warm-toned green.

Milk - our creamy, pale yellow

Old Iron - our signature off-black 

Garnet – a classic deep red, reminiscent of berries

Marigold – a rich terracotta tone that’s a natural fit in a greenhouse.

Pearl – a warm neutral

We’ve also selected a handful of patterns featuring our new colour Bay - including our Espadas, Bornos, Cozar and Deia tile as well as our lovely terracotta tiles, perfect for indoor - outdoor interiors. 

Tell us about Bert & May’s new colour, Bay Green…

Bay is a muddy, warm-toned green inspired by bay leaves. It’s been interesting to see how different it can feel in varying lights. In a light-filled greenhouse it feels chalky, paler and has blue-green/teal tones. It works effortlessly with our Lake blue. It’s all about finding pairings from nature – think Bay Green against a backdrop of pale-blue Spring skies. In greenhouses built against a wall with less natural light, the tones of Bay feel deeper, darker and moodier, yet still very organic and natural.

What is the Bert & May team most looking forward to at Chelsea this year? 

We all know how important the outdoors is for wellbeing, so we’re really looking forward to seeing the gardens in Project Giving Back. And experiencing the Spring Garden at Chelsea.

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