Blue is The Colour

Blue is The Colour

By Bert & May

Mar 7, 2019

We’ve got a new star of the show. It's not just the white boots that are proving popular but the gorgeous faded navy blue colour too. The new Sapphire Blue Luna has such an understated finish with our faded and washed out aesthetic.


The new Sapphire Blue Luna tile has such an interesting look. It feels like an old and worn pair of denim jeans. It evokes a relaxed easy lived in feel and it's anything but polished or perfect. This tone of faded blues makes you want to kick back and relax. So this could be perfect for a bathroom, it would create the ideal ambience for a soak in the bath. We're picturing a copper roll top with the denim blue tiles, aged brass taps and a fresh white concrete basin. But equally these colours are so liveable in any space. We've selected a few simply styled images to give you a flavour of inspiration. 


Image credits: Midnight Luna tiles, Pablo Bath Bert & May | Interior Images: Pinterest 


Blue is such a warm colour and evokes different feelings depending on it’s depth and hue. Our blues, like all our colours are created from natural pigments. The blues in particular are by far the most special as they are the hardest to come by.  The pigment is derived from the sea and we mix it with marble and cement. The more pigment added the darker and deeper the colour. It’s a mixing game and once created and the batch is finished the next mix will always have slight variations in the colour. It will never be exactly the same. It is an artisan mixing process and that’s what we love. It is handmade in every way and it's charm.  

Image credits: Pinterest 

All of our colours are inspired by raw materials, architectural finds and inspirations from our travels. We love how colours fade over time and seeing a weathered old door on a cobbled street in a hilly Andalusian village is enough to spark our creativity. 


Image credits: Pinterest, @yiangouarchitects, @lizzie_barrie

Our bright blues shout energy, positivity and fun, so great for a wake me up bathroom scheme! Fresh, simple and clean. 



Image credits: Bert & May | Top left: Pinterest 

Dark blue is a classic, it's timeless and sophisticated, it evokes drama and confidence. A statement in a kitchen, but take it back a step by mixing with raw materials like woods and metals to soften the ambience. Or in a living space take the edge off with soft slouchy sofas and chairs.  



Image credits: Bert & May | Interior Image: Pinterest 

Paler blues evoke a restful feel, ideal for a bedroom. Tranquil and calm like being by the lake, we're getting all poetic here, but the idea of opening the curtains every morning to a view across a lake, restful and still. Idyllic. Perhaps unrealistic for most of us, but to create that restful feeling with colour and tactile materials can make us feel a little closer to our dreams. 


Whether you prefer muted and faded or vibrant and strong, we all acknowledge the importance of colour in our lives. We are all obsessed with our visual environment at Bert & May. We are not about changing interiors with trends and the latest fashion we are about creating liveable and timeless spaces. And if your starting point is the colour blue, we hope we have been able to inspire your colour journey. 



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