The Conran Shop x Bert & May

The Conran Shop x Bert & May

By Ruth Webber

Apr 3, 2018

This week we are sharing the love of our collaboration with The Conran Shop. We love to work with exceptional designers, some are established, some are new discovered talent. We also love to partner up with designer brands who share our passion for interiors to create exciting collaborations. 

We are proud to have worked with some amazing brands and Conran is up there at the top.

The Conran Shop x Bert & May celebrates all things simple. The designs are fresh, modern and inspired by simplified forms in geometry. 

Conran Tiles

Rosie Stonham, designer at The Conran Shop “This collection is influenced by Sir Terence Conran’s design philosophy of ‘Plain, Simple, Useful’, to achieve modern, timeless designs. Each tile features one of the most simplified elements of geometry: the curve, the line and the square. Available in inverted colours, the collection uses negative and positive space to create various patterns or personalised installations.”

Conran Tiles

The designs are truly timeless, we can see them looking effortlessly cool inside and outside the home. If you love modernism, mid century design then these designs could work for you.  We believe the styles cross over both new and period home. If you love colour but like a softer hue to your blues and greens the plains in this collection could be for you. 


There is something unique in all our tiles and all are developed and curated by hand in Spain from a mixture of sand, cement and natural pigments. Crushed marble is added to enhance durability and to give that distinctive raw finish. The mix is bespoke for each run of tiles creating that unique finish every time.

Conran Tiles


There is so much creativity behind the designs. Not only are the colours unique but the ability to form multiple patterns from just a few simple shapes are pleasingly endless. There are so many patterns to explore. Some patterns can be full of energy and movement and others calm and restful. Repeat, irregular, random, borders. The design team at The Conran Shop have created many tessellations, enabling you to ‘buy the look’ or to give you inspiration for your own unique design. 

Conran Tiles

We believe all of our readers are passionate about design. And if you love this particular aesthetic and the history of modern design, and the potential to own a design classic comes high on your list, having a piece of Conran in your kitchen, living room, bathroom or garden could put a rather lovely tick in that box.  Think of the pleasure you’d get when you look down at your bathroom floor every morning.

We at Bert & May think that homes are of course made of bricks and mortar but they are also made of ideas, the ideas that you create, things that make our spaces individual. Infuse the craftsmanship and art behind the design and create a decorative statement piece for your wall. The pattern tessellations are endless.


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