In Casa by Paboy x Bert & May

In Casa by Paboy x Bert & May

By Marketing Bert & May

Apr 28, 2023

We’re delighted to bring you news of a very special collaboration!

Paboy Bojang, the man behind cult cushion brand In Casa by Paboy, has designed and made a collection of three special cushions inspired by Bert & May’s tiles. 

Working with Paboy has been a fantastic experience for us, not just because his products are gorgeous - but also because his story and achievements are remarkable.

Born in the Gambia and currently seeking asylum in Italy, Paboy’s journey to where he is now has been anything but straightforward (read about it in full here). To work with someone so driven, and talented, has been incredibly inspiring.

“We came across Paboy’s brand when we saw the cushions he designed in collaboration with Paul Smith,” says our Marketing Manager Victoria Lunn. “While it was the beautiful designs that attracted us to them, it was Paboy’s story that really inspired us and made us want to reach out to create something together.”

Paboy’s three designs are inspired by six of our coloured tiles, and the results are both gorgeous to look at and beautifully crafted. “Our brands are both passionate about the making process and the care that goes into handmade products,” says Victoria. “We’re really excited to be working with such an inspirational man and extremely cool brand!”

Here, Paboy tells us a little about the collection…

How did you interpret the Bert & May aesthetic?

The first thing that struck me about Bert & May’s offering was the depth of variety in the collection, from colour to shape to pattern. I could instantly see how unique the designs were and how they lend themselves so easily to the individual interpretation of your customers. I was completely blown away by what I saw and immediately noticed how perfectly the more colourful tiles in the range resonated with the aesthetic of In Casa. It was very exciting for me to see the colour palette and the choice of shades I had to pick from, for inspiration. I interpret the Bert & May aesthetic as a masterful blend of classic tile design elements, fused with modern, experimental colours and shapes. 

Tell us about the colour choices…

I adore bright colours, specifically greens, blues, reds and yellows. The Bert & May collection offers a huge range of shades and although it wasn’t an easy job to pick my favourites, these were the inspiration for the colours you see in this collaboration. I love how green paired with white makes a pleasingly bold statement. Blue reminds me of the sea (which I love) and I’m yet to find a colour that you can’t match with a carefully selected shade of red. There’s definitely a wine-red motif that runs through my work!

What fabric is used to make the cushions?

The fabric is the same high-quality 100% cotton that I source locally in Naples, and the same one I use in my own collection. It was very important for me to ensure that the cushions were perfectly colour-matched to the tile colours that inspired me - I wanted the designs to be an obvious reflection of the Bert & May collection. To make sure we got this right, we chose to dye white fabrics in-house, with colours that were mixed specifically for this project. This allowed the final shades to be as precise as I wanted them to be. My goal was for the collection to work harmoniously as a whole and I’m really pleased we made the decision to create the bespoke shades of this special collaboration.

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