Inside the Creative Mind of … Camille Walala
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Inside the Creative Mind of … Camille Walala

By Bert & May

Jan 20, 2017

In the first of a new series, we ask creatives we admire what makes them tick. First up is the French-born graphic artist and designer, Camille Walala.

Photograph by Lucie Goodayle

Camille Walala calls herself “a purveyor of powerfully positive digital print.” She studied for a degree in Printed Textiles for Fashion before launching her own brand of accessories and homeware. Over the past couple of years, her instantly-recognisable tribal pop aesthetic has appeared on primary school walls, zebra crossings and four-storey buildings.

My approach to design is … to create bright happy and bold patterns which I can then apply to any surface.

Photographs by Camille Walala

On a typical day, I … will wake up early, put some music on and burn some orange blossom oil to diffuse a great smell in the flat. I’ll choose an outfit that will make me feel good all day, then go for a walk on the canal and stop for a coffee and croissant at the Pavilion cafe in Victoria park. I love my morning routine! Then I go back home, get my stuff together and cycle to my studio in Dalston. If it’s winter I will turn on all the lights in the studio instead of the hard overhead neon to make sure it’s cosy. I’ll answer my emails to start with before moving on to the best part of my job: designing or working on current projects. I design on my computer, or do collages on my sketchbook. I might have few meetings in the day too. In the evening, I might meet friends for dinner or drinks before heading back home.

My main influences are … Bauhaus, Constructivism, Optical Art, the South African Ndbele tribe and the Memphis movement. I grew up in the 80s surrounded by their aesthetic.

Photographs by Camille Walala

If I’m feeling uninspired I’ll … stay in bed and watch a TV series.

My current obsession is … the labneh, roasted pumpkin and spiced nut dukkah from Morito on Hackney Road. Whenever I walk past, I usually go in and order a plate before carrying on my route. I think I’m addicted to it.

Right now, I’m working on … a few things at the same time. I am making some visuals for a projection that will be shown at a dance festival in Melbourne. I’m also working on a project for an art festival in Geneva in January, an exhibition in Dubai and a very exciting project at the Roundhouse in Camden …

The best bit about my job is … when I finally get to recreate the design I have on my computer screen in real life – and at a super-enlarged scale.

Photographs by Camille Walala

Next to my bed, you’ll find … a colourful African beaded basket that I inherited when my grandma died. It’s my most precious possession.

I can’t contemplate a world without … colour.

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