Introducing Our New Pinks

Introducing Our New Pinks

By Ruth Webber

Feb 15, 2019

In our journal we talk about our love of pastels and how pinks have become an interior staple, we chat about how to make pastels work in your home and share how our new creative ideas come life.

Our love of soft muted colours stems from our love of the raw material and passion for using natural pigments. Our aesthetic and the look we feel our customers are after is not one where everything has to match perfectly, but to have a flow of style, a cohesive aesthetic. Considered but not contrived. Our palette allows this to happen effortlessly, there is a natural flow with all our tones as it threads through all of our ranges.



There's no denying that there is a trend for pastel toned interiors, and this is a trend that we are happy to communicate. We have always loved the chalky soft pastels and we always will. And pink has most definitely become a solid favourite amongst our customers. These days pink has almost become another neutral and we’ve been asking ourselves why this is. Perhaps it is the ways in which pinks can effortlessly blend throughout your home.



How to work your space with pinks

The muted tones of our pinks and all our pastel tones are so liveable, the soft nature of the colours works well with our climate. They translate across our ever-changing seasons in the UK. They always offer a warmth and calmness that’s perfect for everyday living.  But yet they can still have a playfulness about them and are a great backdrop for pops of stronger coloured accessories. Think about creating a colour story in your space. See it like a gradient paint colour chart and expand from that with accent stronger colours. The Bert & May aesthetic gives that timeless and classic interior.


We have been in the design lab over the past few weeks and we have really loved getting our hands awash with pink pigments. So much so that we’ve created several new colours from the existing pinks: Opal, Pearl, and Blush. We love to roll our sleeves up in the makers studio -with a mixing pot and a ladle in hand- and add varying levels of the pigment to the mix of cement, sand and marble to create striking new tones. We then create test samples and continue with the same process until we achieve our ideal look.


What makes our colours unique

They are all created from minerals and are organic unlike manufactured colours. This gives it that unique chalky finish, the tint of the colour is softer than anything manufactured.  The fine, loose powder has a semi-transparent nature and matt finish. This washed out look is in the DNA of Bert & May and flows throughout the whole Bert & May aesthetic.

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