Introducing Pour

Introducing Pour

By Imogen Emmott

May 10, 2024

We are incredibly excited to share our latest design collaboration: Pour by Henry Holland Studio. 

Created in collaborative partnership, Pour features two new designs – a printed glazed tile alongside a hand-poured tile finish - this new collection translates Henry Holland Studio’s signature aesthetic, a take on the hand-built nerikomi ceramic technique, into tile form.

Henry Holland Studio’s work is synonymous with hand-built ceramics that are alive with bold pattern and tonal colour - a kindred approach and style our own artisan tiles. This shared ethos in creating beautiful, handcrafted items for homes and people to live with brought us together.

Designed to be used both inside and outdoors, the collection offers an abundance of options and possibilities for individuals to experiment and create a look that feels unique to them and projects a true sense of personal style.


Founder of Bert & May, Lee Thornley, said of the collaboration: 

“Partnering with Henry, a fellow British hand-craft maker with a strong design identity, has been invigorating and brings a totally new look to our offering. The Pour Collection sings of the artisan craftsmanship that goes into all our designs.”

We extend our sincere thanks to Henry Holland Studio for this remarkable collaboration. To learn more, please explore our Pour, by Henry Holland Studio Collection. All images shot by Beth Davis @_beth_davis. Shop the collaboration here.

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