New: Bert & May Marble

New: Bert & May Marble

By Victoria Smith

May 17, 2021

What springs to mind when you think of marble? Luxury? Tradition? Flashy hotel lobbies full of ornate sculptures...? If it’s a yes to any of these, we may be about to change your perception. And if it’s a ‘no’, well - read on, because you’re going to like what we’ve got to tell you...

We’ve noticed that marble has had a bit of a renaissance recently. We’ve seen it popping up in modern interiors more and more, used in ways that are fresh, modern, and really exciting. As huge fans of this beautiful quarried stone, we couldn’t be more on board.

We love marble for its colours - from soft and gentle nudes to no-holds-barred blacks and purples - as well as the unpredictable variation in its veining. It’s an interior design classic for a reason, and a material that, by its very nature, simply cannot be made to order or altered to suit. It’s grand, it’s uncompromising, and it’s all the better for it. 

With all this in mind, we felt the time was right to launch of our own marble collection. But, as ever, we wanted to do it our way. We needed tiles that showcased the glamour and natural beauty of marble, but with an understated Bert & May edge. A collection that not just looked great but also provided a contemporary take on a classic look


To make this happen we worked closely with the makers to ensure both the colours - White, Fennel Green, and Rose Pink - and shapes - small herringbone and square - were carefully considered and had enough flexibility to tie-in with our core collections. Taking the opulence of marble and placing it side-by-side with the imperfect finishes of our cement tiles creates a striking juxtaposition of polished and raw that’s seriously beautiful, so it was important to us that our Marble collection allowed for this.

There really are no rules with these tiles - if you’re a devotee of minimalism they work as well in pared-back schemes as they do maximalist ones. The key is to have fun and use them to create something that you love. Here are some ideas to consider...

Green Herringbone Marble  

With deep veins and naturally occurring swirls of pistachio, fennel and teal tones, our green marble has a unique look and finish. It’s beautifully mysterious and full of opulence, but with a real Bert & May edge. This tile works well in a room filled with foliage and greenery - perfect for creating a bathroom with an enchanted forest feel. Alternatively, go bold and vibrant by mixing with orange and terracotta tones. We’ve used the tiles here with our Hexagon Split in Livid and Brighton Stone to show how well they fit alongside contemporary concrete designs. The whole look is finished beautifully with brushed brass shower fittings from Watermark Collection’s ‘London’ range.

Our Fennel Green marble herringbones and Watermark Collection’s brushed brass London shower fittings are a perfect match. The subtle brush marks on the brass add character and texture to the surface of the taps and shower head without distracting from the mellow warmth of the metal below. Two layers of matt lacquer mean they’re tarnish-resistant, too.

Our recommended colour matches - Pistachio, Livid, Apricot, and Marigold.


Our white marble is a classic. It’s minimal and simple, with a little light veining and a soft, matt-polished look. Keep the look pared back and combine with natural worn woods and aged brassware, then add a contemporary twist with a freestanding modern bath. We've taken inspiration from Pinterest to show how impactful white marble can be. 

Our recommended colour matches - Ebony, Old Iron, Brighton Stone, French Grey, and Chocolate

Rose Pink  

Our pink marble is super delicate and pretty, with subtle markings in pale terracotta, neutrals, and hints of gold. It has a truly understated, luxe feel that we think offers lots of scope for creativity. Pair with soft whites, golds and neutrals or go dramatic and add some dynamic punches of black brassware for a softer take on classic monochrome. Some more Pinterest found inspiration to show our love for pink hued marble. 

Our recommended colour matches - Rose Pink, Brighton StoneApricot and Chocolate.

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