New Colour Launch: Rhubarb

New Colour Launch: Rhubarb

By Victoria Smith

Jun 15, 2022

It’s rare that we add to our core colour palette, so when we do we get very excited about sharing the news. Our new colour, Rhubarb, has really given us something to shout about…


Vibrant, uplifting and a little wild, it’s a gorgeously rich shade that pushes our usual colour boundaries, taking naturally pigmented tones to new, vibrant heights for a look that’s big, bold, and beautiful.

This special colour actually made its debut late last year, having been developed for use on our Ric Rac tiles, designed in collaboration with Samatha Todhunter. Getting the right red for the collection was a key part of the design process, as our Creative Director Ruth Webber explains: "The colours for the Ric Rac collection were a huge part of the creative conversations. Samantha was keen to use a strong, vibrant red in the designs, but with natural pigments there are limitations to how bright you can go, so it was an interesting exercise in colour experimentation. The result was Rhubarb, which we’re delighted to now introduce to our core colour palette.”

Samantha continues: “Getting the right red was essential, we wanted that perfect shade; saturated, crisp, and clean, not necessarily what you would expect in encaustic tiles - it took a couple of goes to get it just right. As a design studio we are known for our use of colour, so for us pairing Rhubarb and Blush in the Bubblegum colourway was an easy choice - a sorbet of colour that would give character and depth to a bathroom.”

As well as being a bit of a showstopper, Rhubarb has prompted a shift in how we view our colours overall and experimenting with this vibrant hue has inspired us to be a bit more daring - we can’t wait to see the bold and beautiful schemes that come off the back of it.

How to Style:

Rhubarb has a softer feel than most strong reds, it’s almost rusty and can be strong and modern or classic and traditional. Use it in a traditional or bohemian scheme as an accent colour, alone for a rich blanket of colour, or alongside complementary hues from our palette…

Natural Pairing

Cool, calming Brighton Stone is the perfect neutral partner for rich Rhubarb. Arrange in a checkerboard pattern for a pretty twist on a classic.

Pop of Pink

Rhubarb’s bold tones are tempered by soft and subtle Blush to create a pink-leaning palette that’s not saccharine-sweet. Get the look with Ric Ric Bubblegum One or Two, or Blush Squares or Herringbones.

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