New Launch: Zellige

New Launch: Zellige

By Victoria Smith

Nov 17, 2021

This week, we’re delighted to welcome Zellige back to Bert & May.

These traditional Moroccan tiles are handmade from a special blend of clays and have a relaxed, raw aesthetic – they’re instantly recognisable thanks to their chips, flaws, and imperfections. 

Available in eight new glazed colours and one ‘raw’ (non-glazed) version, our zellige tiles can be used in all sorts of schemes, and as no two are completely identical, the end result will always be completely unique to your space.

Here’s everything you need to know about this special new collection...


Our zellige tiles are handmade in Morocco from a non-refined natural clay. This unrefined clay is kneaded with water, moulded by hand, and dried naturally in the sun. The raw tiles are then fired in a kiln to create biscuits which are individually glazed before a second firing to set the enamel.  

Zellige tiles have a gently undulating surface and each one is slightly different thanks to the fact they’re cut by hand. Lay them side by side and the look will be richly textured and a celebration of each tile’s variation in thickness and finish (we recommend over ordering to enable a little cherry picking).


The same theory applies to the colours – it’s impossible to get a batch of zellige in the exact same hue. The colours will sit tonally and give an overall ombre effect when seen on mass, with lovely subtle variation.

Zellige tiles provide a perfectly measured hit of understated sparkle and shine thanks to their glossy, sequin-like surfaces. The glaze can be quite shiny, meaning each tiles’ flaws and irregularities are particularly apparent when hit by the light – their appearance will change throughout the day.

How and where to lay
Be bold and mix colours to create your own style. Go classic with a zigzag arrangement – as seen in the Yves Saint Laurent garden in Marrakech – or stack vertically or horizontally for a more contemporary look. They also lend themselves to a herringbone layout or mixed stacking for even more texture.

At 20-23mm thick, these tiles are chunky and hardwearing, meaning they're suitable for use indoors and outdoors.

Explore our new zellige colour palette here…

Moss Green
Dark green with a tint of yellow, the finish on these tiles appears almost cloudy in texture. Pairs with Monsaraz, fennel terrazzo, white zellige and handmade terracotta. 

Indigo Blue
A nod to Yves Klein’s International Klein Blue, this deep blue has a solid colour glaze. Pair with raw terracotta, blue Vigo, marigold herringbone and glazed lake. 

Leather Pale
A darker tone of our classic Cherry pink, this pretty shade contains hints of blue that make it feel more purply. It’s super soft with a slight gloss and variations, and almost velvet-like in appearance. Pair with Little Greene purple brown, plain Brighton Stone, rose terrazzo and jet black. 

Anything but plain, this glossy white offers tonal variation thanks to hints of aqua green and slight pink tones from the terracotta base. Pair with jet black, fennel marble, pink alalpardo and grey Asquith. 

A solid black with good consistency of tone and sequin-like pits and cracks. Pair with skinny cloud, pink zellige, black pradena and handmade terracotta. 


The unfinished zellige tile is raw and matt to touch. For a relaxed, layered look this works beautifully alongside other neutrals in different textures. Go raw on the floor and gloss white on the wall. Pair with aztec, Little Greene purple brown, marigold or skinny white metro. 


A beautifully rich ochre colour. A mid golden brown tone with great impact. Pair with milk yellow, split shift, terrazzo or raw zellige.



A warm light beige, the perfect backdrop for any coiour scheme neutral or bold! Pair with marigold diamond, jet black zellige, opal herringbone or skinny cloud metro. 

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