Guide: The Best of Glazed Tiles

Guide: The Best of Glazed Tiles

By Zoe Crook

Mar 2, 2022

Our glazed tiles are made in Spain and Morocco using traditional techniques to produce a rich, glossy, reflective finish. These tiles are crafted and glazed by hand, meaning each one has its own subtle nuances - when laid side by side the result is always unique. From beautifully deep jewel tones to gently subtle neutrals, our glazed tiles come in a wide range of colours.  

Our glazed collection comprises Square Glazed, Stubby Glazed, Glazed Rectangle, Skinny Metro, and Zellige, and each offers its own take on the glazed look. Here’s what you need to know…

Square Glazed

This splashback seems simple at first glance, but thanks to the reflective finish and neat dimensions of our glazed square tiles, it’s full of depth. We love how the reflected light creates a gentle sheen that draws the eye while still honouring the understated nature of the overall aesthetic. Get the look with our White Square Glazed Tiles.

Stubby Glazed

It’s hard to go wrong with our Stubby Glazed tiles. They’re not too big, not too small, and come in a wide range of colours.


Our rough-glazed zellige collections aren’t made to conform - these tiles wear their differences and imperfections with pride. @neltheakston's kitchen floor allows the distinct character of our White Bejmat tiles to really shine, and if you look closely and you can see the care and attention that goes into the production of each one. It’s apparent in the shape, the colour, and every inch of the glaze.

Our Little Greene Collection

Our Glazed Rectangles come in eight signature Little Greene shades and add beautiful pops of colour to wherever they’re used. The reflective finish on our Glazed Rectangles in Livid intensifies this already attention-grabbing colour, adding new depths that simply can’t be ignored…

Skinny Metro

These tiles are an absolute classic, lending their no-nonsense aesthetic to all manner of spaces with unwavering success. This tranquil bathroom showcases the Skinny Metro’s understated elegance, with the classic side-by-side arrangement allowing the glossy finish to really shine.

See our full glazed collection here.

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