Need to Know: Outdoors

Need to Know: Outdoors

By Victoria Smith

Mar 30, 2022

Outdoor spaces offer so much scope for creativity. Whatever the size of your space, if you add tiles to it, chances are the results will be pretty special. Small balcony? Lay them on the floor. Terrace space that needs some life? A tiled wall panel could be the style solution you need. From patios, pools and pathways to seating areas, outdoor showers and al fresco kitchens, tiles are a great addition to so many outside spaces. If you’re planning on using our tiles outdoors, here’s what you need to know.

They go with anything


When it comes to creating outdoor spaces with serious style, @_lisa_dawson_ has it nailed. She’s used our Pals tile in her gorgeous garden space to the most fabulous effect - we love how the bold blue and white pattern contrasts with the exposed sandy brickwork above. Did someone say garden party?


They make a statement


Why have a plain outside wall when you can have a patterned one? @commonthreadstyle used our Blue Vigo tiles to create a statement outdoor shower/terrace space and we must admit we’ve been dreaming of Ibiza ever since we clapped eyes on it.


They’re fabulous on floors


Here’s our Vigo tiles again, this time lining the floor on this beautiful balcony from @lanedittoe. We love how the bold pattern makes itself known but really isn’t overwhelming - it acts as a springboard for the rest of the space to take shape around. 


You can use just a few…


The candy stripes of our Pesadilla tiles look just perfect peeking out on this terrace at @theoldtownhousehvar. They occupy a relatively small spot in relation to the overall space, but still make a big impact.


...or make a statement with many


Add a little bit of opulence to your outdoor space with a full-on patterned floor. This pretty spot has us thinking of lazy days spent in the sun, and even if the UK weather doesn't cooperate, that holiday feeling will still shine through. Browse our reclaimed collection for more inspiration.


They’re really flexible


This stylish set-up from @solakitchens and @pascalhuserdesignandbuild almost creates an optical illusion - the beautiful tiled patio blurs the lines between outdoor and indoor, really maximising the space and creating a natural flow.


They’re at home outside


Our reclaimed tiles have already weathered many storms - in some cases quite literally - and have the soft, muted looks to prove it. Interior Designer @deecampling used a set of our reclaimed finds in this gorgeous outdoor spot and they couldn't look more at home.

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