Need To Know: Pink

Need To Know: Pink

By Marketing Bert & May

Feb 16, 2021

We’ve got a lot of time for pink. From the gently blushing reclaimed tiles that prompted the creation of Bert & May to our contemporary rose-toned designs, it’s always been a key colour for us, and we’re not the only ones - our pink posts always get a lot of love whether the look is bright and bold, pale and interesting, or dusky and demure. If you’ve decided that now’s time to think pink, here’s what you need to know…


1. It's basically a neutral

The sheer variety of pinks means you can find one to go with almost anything, including other pinks, so don’t be afraid to experiment with more than one shade. @thehousethatcolourbuilt has used two different tones to beautiful effect here, with bursts of blue added to lift the look and provide freshness. Our Berlin tile in the hearth brings everything together with a colourful twist.

Image @thehousethatcolourbuilt

2. A little can go a long way...

You can use pink sparingly and still get a stunning overall effect. We love this stylish spot in @eandainteriors studio that sees our Split Shift tile bring a balanced hit of blush to a clean, serene scene. The shade we use on these tiles is made from mineral-based natural pigments, so the colour is soft and the finish chalky - a natural companion to a neutral space.

 Image @eandainteriors

3. ...But sometimes, more is more

Found a pink you absolutely love? Make the most of it. As @pinkhouseliving demonstrates here, if you choose the right shade it can suit your space from top to bottom. Our Old Iron Plain tiles in a complimentary shade of steely grey add just the right amount of sensible to this blushing bathroom.

Image  @pinkhouseliving

4. It’s perfect for patterns

Pattern and pink go hand-in-hand, with the softer end of the pink spectrum a good choice for tiles featuring bolder designs. The soft rose tone of our Alalpardo tiles in @pearllowe’s beautiful bathroom ensures their striking geometric pattern doesn’t overwhelm the space - it’s gently eye catching while allowing everything else to shine.

Image @pearllowe

5. There’s more to pink than you think

Pink sits really well with other colours and it’s worth exploring a range of shades to see what will best suit your space. We love this ombre set-up by @sophierobinsoninteriors that sees our plain tiles in Rose and Cherry bridge the gap between Wheat and Crimson.


Image @sophierobinsoninteriors

6. It loves natural finishes

The raw texture and faded terracotta tone of this concrete sink at @thelandscapelodge is picked up in our matt-finish Alalpardo on the wall to create a bathroom that matches without matching. And that’s the real beauty of pink - it can look totally effortless but will always make a statement.

Image @thelandscapelodge


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