Need to Know: Plain Tiles

Need to Know: Plain Tiles

By Zoe Bert & May

Mar 15, 2022

While we’re total devotees of pattern, sometimes we like to let colour do the talking. We’ve worked hard to develop a single underlying palette that provides plenty of choice and are proud of our signature shades. They work beautifully throughout all our collections but it’s in our plain tiles where they really shine. Here’s what you need to know about using them in your project…

They’re great for shapes

Use one colour to really highlight the shape of your tiles. Here, the soft, delicate shade of our bespoke Hexagons sets a perfectly tranquil scene that still has depth. It’s a less-is-more scheme that we absolutely love. Photo by @elledecorationuk, bathroom by @brianotuamaarchitects


Don’t hold back

Top-to-bottom tiles? Yes please… Our Plain Blush Squares have a gentle nature that suits this stunning shower space down to the ground (and up to the ceiling, too). It’s a look that’s subtly romantic, incredibly relaxing, and a beautiful example of how far you can go with our plains. @kew.yorker - we salute you.


They’re anything but plain

Same...but different. Using several tones of the same colour is a great way to add texture and intrigue in a coherent fashion. Here, our Squares in Portland Stone and Brighton Stone showcase just how versatile and varied grey can be. Expect this scheme to transform from morning to night as the light catches each tile differently throughout the day. 


You’ll always notice something new

More than simply a ‘plain’ tile, these Brighton Stone and Portland Stone are full of subtle differences thanks to the way our colours are created. While we keep hold of our colour recipes, each time a new batch is made there will always be a slight difference due to the nature of the process, and that’s what keeps things interesting.


They’re simply beautiful

Here, @onefoureightlondon uses our chalky Hexagons in Brighton Stone to create a scheme with neutral tones and considered textures. It’s a beautiful space that’s full of simple elegance, and a gorgeous example of the power of plain.

Bright colours love them

If you’ve gone bold on the walls, a plain floor can be gorgeously grounding. @pinkhouseliving used our Plain Old Iron to balance the perfect pink of her shower room walls and we think it’s a match made in heaven.

They’re full of surprises

While you wouldn’t usually associate a tiled floor with warmth, choose the right colour and plain tiles can take the place of a carpet while still feeling cosy. Go for warmer tones and team with lots of soft, layered fabrics and textures for a multi-dimensional space with style. 

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