Neutral Bathroom Ideas

Neutral Bathroom Ideas

By Zoe Crook

Nov 15, 2022

Neutral Bathroom Ideas

Neutral bathrooms have been popular for many years and for good reason – they are simple, versatile, and timeless. If you are transforming your bathroom space, a neutral colour palette can make it feel inviting, calm, and clean. 

What is a neutral?

Essentially, a neutral is any shade that doesn't have an obvious colour but contains undertones that give it a different tone or feel. This includes colours like black, white, and grey. None of these are colours themselves but they are shades that can be impacted by their surroundings such as undertones, lighting, and contrasting colours. This is what makes neutral tones so appealing - you can change the atmosphere of a room without completely redecorating, you just need to apply colour theory.

We'll go through some of our favourite ways to style neutral tones and how to achieve the ultimate neutral bathroom design.


Bright neutrals

Firstly, the classic neutral look is one that's clean and completely white. This gives you an excellent base for any further colour pops and finishes but is also striking if left all white.

White tiles come in a wide range of shades and styles, so you can get creative without expanding your colour palette. Pure white tiles like our Skinny Metro tiles create a pristine look.



Get the spa look

To recreate a sumptuous spa-like space in your own home, there are a few design choices you can make. A beige tile like our Pearl Herringbone tile has a warm undertone, which is complemented by warmer, dimmer lighting. This is perfect for transforming your bathroom into a cocooning space you can escape to...

For a statement wall, take a look at the Livingetc Column tiles in Pearl. These have a simple design that adds visual interest to a room without relying on bright colours or being too distracting. Pair this with natural stone or wood finishes for a calming, cohesive scheme.


Hotel-style bathrooms

Effortlessly elegant, hotel bathrooms are sometimes the nicest part of your stay away from home, and selecting a neutral palette can help you get the look at home.

One way to give your bathroom that luxurious hotel feel is to use floor-to-ceiling tiles. Try Limestone Hexagonal tiles for walls and floors as the unusual shape lends itself to covering large areas. You can also combine colours, for example, using different shades of grey to design bespoke patterns. Finish with stainless steel taps for a modern edge or try brass for a more vintage look.



Dark neutrals

Neutrals don't have to be white or beige; black is one of the most popular interior design choices and still counts as a neutral. If you prefer the darker and moodier end of the colour scale, there are lots of gorgeous black tiles that can help you create a timeless bathroom design.



Our Ebony tiles come in square, hexagonal, and herringbone, all of which can be used to create a different effect. Use herringbone tiles as a splashback, or hexagons to create a statement wall in the shower.



If black is a little too dark, then a deep grey is the perfect alternative. Grey tiles have lots of depth to them, which can catch the light and help make a space look bigger.

Take a look at our black bathroom inspiration for more advice.


Play with texture

When designing a space, it's not just the colour you need to think about but how that colour is presented with shapes and textures. Bert & May tiles are naturally pigmented, which results in beautiful variation of colour and makes every tile unique. 


Our White Bejmat tiles are made my hand and each is slightly different, resulting in a stunning, richly textured finish.


Neutral patterns

Neutrals don't have to be plain, in fact, at Bert & May we encourage the opposite. There are lots of patterned tiles in a neutral colour palette that work beautifully in bathrooms.



In shades of grey, the Churriana Siete tile creates lots of visual interest without diverting from the neutral colour palette. It pairs beautifully with dark or light finishes, so you have the flexibility to change the mood of the space without redecorating. Similarly, the Santona tile in grey gives a more romantic flourish to your bathroom with its floral pattern. These are just a couple of examples of the adaptability of a neutral colour palette.


Pops of colour

Finally, a great way to make your neutrals shine is to pair them with bright colours. This combination is great for making unique designs and highlighting certain features in a space such as the shower, splashbacks, or bath.

The Sanabria Jade is a gorgeous example of a colourful tile that pairs well with plain neutrals.



Geometric tiles are another great way to incorporate colour into a neutral space. Often designed with a neutral base, such as cream or white, and a contrasting colour, you can build a beautiful design with these designs. We would advise using white bathroom finishes to bring the overall palette back to neutral colours. 

Visit our white and neutral gallery for more inspiration.

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