From marble to limestone, gloss to texture, choose from our range of unique bespoke neutral tiles for your floors and walls. Create a neutral, organic base, which gives you opportunity to mix and match your colour palette or stick to a basic modern and minimalist finish. Browse our collection below.

Neutral tiles packed with versatility

Our neutral encaustic tiles set the standard for adaptability and raw beauty. Brimming with organic tones, shapes, and simplicity, they are a collection of gorgeous pieces with classic touches. They are made using conventional encaustic tile methods and range in colours from pure white tiles to beige to delicate hues of grey. The hand-picked palette is influenced by the muted tones in our reclaimed tiles salvaged from Spain, each pared-back yet incredibly distinctive.

In this collection you'll find a host of beautiful textures and finishes. There are chalky cement tiles, rich glossy glazed tiles, handmade terracotta with a raw edge, and luxurious marble. In neutral shades galore, each design is hand-poured and therefore, completely rich in unique characteristics.

Transform your space with neutrality

Neutral tiles can be used on most surfaces; they make fantastic wall tiles and floor tiles. Except for glazed tiles which are not suitable for floors, swimming pools, and fireplaces. Click the “suitability” tab on each product page for individual tile information. This will give you a clear indication of where you can place each design.

Many tiles in our neutral collection are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. So, if you’re looking for a modern finish for your garden, this collection could be the one for you.

We especially love to see this palette used as kitchen tiles and bathroom tiles. For the modern minimalist and colour-crazed designer looking to produce a contemporary, natural look that pops in the sunlight, neutral is the way to go. Not only do neutral colours brighten a space but they also provide a fantastic base to style and decorate a room. By adding neutral tiles to a space, you have more room to experiment with bright, statement colours that contrast beautifully.

Harmoniously pairing neutral tiles

With a neutral floor and wall base, you can play with emotions. Pair neutral tones with similar hues for tranquillity. Experiment with warm and cold juxtaposed tones, mix creams with happy yellow tiles, or moody midnight blue. If you’re styling a kitchen, pair whites with natural wood for an organic aesthetic. Using natural materials, refined colours, and textures can create an ever-so-inviting warm and calming atmosphere.

The beauty of neutrals is that they are timeless and can serve to complement vibrant colours too. Combine them with patterned tiles and solid colours such as bright orange and green tiles for an unrivalled contrast. Experimenting with combinations and layering different shades and textures will help create a dynamic spaces.

You can see our neutral bathroom tiles come to life in modern bathroom designs. And, for neutral kitchen tile inspiration make sure you take a look at our favourite tiles for a modern kitchen.

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