Our Materials

We offer a wide range of tiles in different material finishes, read more below

Encaustic Cement Tiles

Made completely by hand, mineral pigment is poured into moulds to form the pattern or flat colour with cement then pressed to the back to set the tile. Available as patterns, plains or reclaimed, a finish for every space.

Aquamarine Pale Glazed Rectangle Tile Tiles - Glazed

Glazed Tiles

Our glazed tiles are made in Spain and Morocco using traditional techniques to produce a rich, glossy, reflective finish. Glazed tiles are crafted and glazed by hand, meaning each one has its own subtle nuances

Classic Glazed
Moroccan Zellige


Browse our terracotta tiles made by master artisans in Spain or opt for reclaimed terracotta from our authentic and timeless collection. Perfect for adding a raw edge to a rustic finish or juxtaposing against contemporary styling, our range of terracotta floor and wall tiles are ideal for both indoor and outdoor spaces.


Opulent and elegant, marble conjures images of Hellenic statues, towering columns, and majestic temples. Prized for millennia because of their luxurious weight and natural durability, and with an array of organic shades and colours available, marble tiles are unmatched for creating a grand interior design.


Upgrade your space with our exquisite porcelain tiles for floors and walls. Durable, versatile, and low maintenance - our porcelain tiles are made with high-quality materials, naturally pigmented colours and bespoke designs.

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