Blue: A Colour Story

Blue: A Colour Story

By Ruth Webber

Jul 16, 2021

Our Colour Stories series sees Bert & May’s Brand Director and Colour Expert Ruth Webber take a closer at our signature shades. Our colour in focus here is blue...


A sea of blues... Our chalky plain blue tiles create a beautifully tranquil statement in this light-flooded space

As we all know, colour is incredibly emotive. Red for danger, green for go - it’s in everything we do, all day every day. At Bert & May, we put colour at the front and centre in all that we do, too, and we’ve worked hard to develop a signature palette that runs throughout all of our collections.

Our palette and tones are soft, warm and timeless, not faddy or contrived, and have been developed to create a look that will never tire. Over the last year, we have been sharing the stories behind our core colours, and now that summer’s here we felt it was only right to shine the spotlight on blue.

The Bert and May Blue Story

Shades of blue combine to evoke a real feeling of calm in this stunning living area

Blue is a key part of our signature palette, and we can’t get enough of its myriad hues and the ways they can be used. So where does this obsession hail from? Well, if you’ve been following us for some time, you may have picked up on our love of travel and how it inspires our colours, and with blue, it’s no different. We find inspiration everywhere, from the UK’s native flora and fauna to exotic destinations such as the Jardin Majorelle in Marrakech.


The Jardin Majorelle in Marrakech; [right] Our Pals tiles are perfectly at home outdoors

The result is a collection of blues that suit every mood, with a distinct air of peacefulness that runs throughout - we like to think they evoke a real feeling of calm and comfort. They’re not challenging in any way, just gently familiar, softly invigorating, and always beautiful.

Our blues’ chalky tones are reminiscent of a comfy pair of old washed-out denims - there’s nothing like putting on your favourite jeans, and Bert & May Navy is just that. It’s a colour that just envelops you with warmth, and that’s what makes it - and the rest of our blues - so great for interiors.


See our plain navy tile.


Blue and orange are a perfect match, whether that’s in our Aztec One tile [left], or our Marigold Diamonds teamed with our core blue palette [right] 

Our blues will naturally draw light and colour out of a dark room, and in light spaces, they will bring in even more. They also complement just about all colours in the wheel, especially green, orange, and of course white.

Here are some of our favourite ways with blue:

Perfect patios

Blue is a natural choice for outside areas, and we’ve seen it used beautifully in so many alfresco schemes. Our Formentera tiles in Azure really are an outdoor dream come true - their striking colour falls somewhere between blue and cyan and is influenced by bright Mediterranean skies and the rich shades in the sea.

Stunning showers


Bathroom by @eleanorhorwelldesign image @pilkophotography

Blue and gold is a gorgeous combination and works beautifully in this stunning shower scheme where the vibrant hue of the tiles really pops against the bright white walls and brass shower.

Beautiful bathrooms


Image @moserimages

Blue is an absolute classic in bathrooms, and this celestial scene demonstrates exactly why. Our Lunas in Sapphire are combined with chalky plains in the same shade to create a scene that’s reminiscent of a dreamy night sky.

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