Case Study: Making A Big Deal Out Of A Small Space
Case Study

Case Study: Making A Big Deal Out Of A Small Space

By Victoria Smith

Aug 9, 2021

Case Study: Making a big deal out of a small space

Just because a room is compact, doesn’t mean it can’t make a huge statement… Interior designer Lisa Burke shares the design story behind this small-but-perfectly formed bathroom.

Full name:

Lisa Burke


Interior designer

Style and location of property

Large Edwardian house in leafy Woodford

Who lives in the house:

Jane and Steve, daughter Anya and Ziggy and Arlo the cockapoos

How would you describe your personal interior style? 
Very eclectic; a mix of vintage, ethnic and contemporary. I LOVE mid-century Italian pieces mixed up with ethnic pieces. I just choose things that I love, and it seems to work.

What was the brief for this project?
Jane had seen my style at my friend Lee’s house and decided that she wanted to add that mix of vintage and contemporary style to her house. She found me when her friend Louise (Lee’s neighbour) knocked on her door as she liked the Rose pink colour that we had painted it!  

Which Bert & May products did you use in this project?

Vigo tiles in Iron and Milk

Why did you choose them?

I love to create a big impact in small rooms; to play about with scale and pattern in small spaces - normally all the things design books tell you not to do! I loved the graphic pattern, it’s very playful and reminded me of the floors I see in Morocco. I also wanted to create a wall wrap which is very Moroccan and a little bit Alice in Wonderland as it can make the room feel bigger with a continuous run of pattern. 

What do you think they add to the space?

They add fun and surprise when you open the door and are not at all expected. Most small bathroom design wouldn’t be so bold, but Jane was open to all my ideas - she was a dream client!

What led you to use Bert & May?

I love Bert & May. I have a house in Essaouira, Morocco so I was drawn to the Moroccan aesthetic of Bert & May’s tiles. I first discovered the brand when I renovated a house in Hackney where I used another monochrome tile and continued the floor inside and out, again creating a feeling of fun.

What’s your advice for making the most of smaller spaces? 

Think big and bold. Don’t be afraid - you can really add magic when you upscale and do the unusual.

Find out more about Lisa here, or follow her on Instagram - @lisaburkeinteriorslondon

Lisa’s gorgeous Moroccan house is available for rentals and photoshoots. Check it out on Instagram - @5.columns  - or click here for details 

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