Design Edit: Stripes

Design Edit: Stripes

By Anna Jones

Aug 2, 2023

Stripes to Inspire: Bold Brilliant and Beautiful!

Our Striped collection is made up of three stripe designs, Skinny, Midi and Wide, that can be used individually or mix and matched in creative formations – and made to order in any colour combination from our beautiful curated palette. This is a collection we were really excited to shoot, and we were keen to inspire designers to use the tiles in a creative way that can blend into almost any interior space.

 “We wanted to create a really cool aesthetic but with a timeless appeal, using the skinny, midi and wide stripes to mix scale and balance against the features already in this room” says Ruth, our Creative Director. “We love how this look will stand the test of time, but feels very contemporary at the same time”

By using the 3 widths of Striped tiles in one space, we played with the different proportions to create zones, borders and features.


Whilst we love a black and white stripe, when two colours are used in harmony or contrast, magic can happen. Never out of style, stripes are a timeless choice and go hand in hand with our passion for design, craftmanship and creating spaces which stand the test of time.

Whether painterly or ultra bold forms, stripes are great for making a statement or driving the eye to spaces within an interior or exterior setting. 


To mark our new Striped collection launch, we’re celebrating the timeless power of stripes in interiors, and shining the light on some inspirational stripes from our favourite brands and designers.


The perfect pattern for small or quirky bathrooms, adding verticals stripes like that in Philip and Charlotte’s Colbert’s Spitalfields home, is a truly impressive way to add height and grandeur to a narrow space – and its wide stripe in ruby & rose is a cult classic from Buchanan Studio, who designed this space.


Creative application of stripes can be an incredibly powerful tool within architecture, to help add feature to an otherwise forgotten or difficult space.  We love the motion of adding stripes onto ceilings, risers on a staircase or as an alternative to skirting, to create a statement in overlooked spaces. Furthermore, adding stripes to window or doorframes can elongate any smaller window openings or add feature to doorways that have no architrave.

We love what Colours of Arley are doing with their bespoke striped fabrics. Their super cool colour palette allows customers to choose combinations and create their own personalised fabric to use in their home, inside and out. Their bus stop takeover in Shoreditch was the perfect example of how stripes can have impact in every space.


Dedar’s ‘Alumnus’ fabric – creating a bold contrast with red & blue, for a decadent and luxurious combination. Sarah Corbett-Winder mixing scales, formation and positioning of stripes to create a layered but harmonious effect.


Joanna Plant fabric applying stripes to create playfulness in a small space, and Flora Soames elegant take on a similar application – but by lifting the stripes above the eyeline we are drawn to the height of the room.

The Striped Collection is available to order bespoke colourways from our carefully curated palette of 40 colours. These colours have been created using natural pigments and crushed marble to provide a chalky, faded finish, and are referenced throughout our collections.

If you’re looking for advice on which colours to use in your project or you’d like to order your own bespoke Striped tiles, book a design consultation with one of our experts or visit our studios in Chelsea, Bristol or York.



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