New Collection: Mazes

New Collection: Mazes

By Victoria Smith

Jun 27, 2021

Our new statement-making tiles aren’t just good-looking, they’re tons of fun and offer scope for creativity that’s second-to-none, too

Largely inspired by our love of all things mid-century modern, our new Mazes collection has been conceived to excite and inspire. Comprising three designs that work collectively to create a bespoke ‘pathway’, this is a range of tiles that takes you on a real design journey from the second you see it. 

Each of the three designs is available in three bold and beautiful colourways, providing layout options that are endless. The playful twists and turns fit together like a jigsaw, allowing you to devise an arrangement that’s totally unique, and whether you choose to go super simple or a little more complex, the overall effect really makes a statement. 


Mazes is the latest addition to our Modernist Collection, and we looked to one of our most popular designs from the range - the ultra-sleek Modernist Grid Line tile - for inspiration. We took the Grid Line’s no-nonsense aesthetic and added a few more lines to create a fresh new look that’s a little more light-hearted; a tile that pays homage to art deco patterns, with a disco-era twist. 

You can create your own unique combination of colour and pattern with Mazes, or work with one of our designers to decide how they will best suit your space. If you’d like to see how they can look, here are some ideas to get you started:


Go all out

These tiles are undeniably fabulous, so be brave and embrace everything that makes them so striking. If you love art deco then style them with gold finishes and statement furniture - it’s all about lines, symmetry and making an impact. Here, we’ve teamed Mazes with our new Marigold diamond tiles and a rather special reclaimed French basin for an eclectic look.

Mid-century and Modern

Combine the tiles’ mid-century design features with modern touches such as this peach fluted Kast basin and matt black taps. To take the harshness out of the lines, play with the tiles’ soft tones and style with dried flowers and foliage from the garden.

Mad for Marigold

These tiles are some of the first that use one of our newest colours - Marigold - in a patterned design. This kind of bold colour can feel like a brave choice, but we absolutely love it, so we’ve compiled a few of our other favourite ways with orange to show how beautifully usable it really is…


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