New Launch: Bert & May’s Interior Design Service

New Launch: Bert & May’s Interior Design Service

By Victoria Smith

Feb 17, 2021

As you may have already seen, we’ve just launched a full Interior Design Service, and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

This new service will see our Interior Design Consultant Louise Curnuck work closely with clients to create remarkable spaces that reflect their specific requirements beautifully.

Whether it’s residential or commercial, a kitchen design or the renovation of an entire property with project management, there’s no limit to the kind of project we can consider, and we can’t wait to get started.

We wanted to introduce you to Louise and provide a clear idea of what you can expect from the service, so we’ve asked her to share her story and explain how she can work with you to bring your projects to life...


How did your career in interior design start?

My career started in retail design which took me to many corners of the globe. The experience of working in different cultures has proven to be invaluable. Since then, I've worked on hotel and restaurant projects and in the last few years workplace and residential design.

I'm also co-founder of Not Limited, a design company specialising in creative direction for the built environment, which focuses on more commercial projects. Not bound by sector, our aim is simply to design places where people want to be.

How would you describe your interior design style?

Every designer has a certain way of approaching design, but I wouldn't like to say I have a fixed style at all. For me, it's important to approach every project objectively and start by considering the space, building, and its use and location, before developing a response to that. That's the most exciting part for me - the anxious energy that builds until you find that starting point, which almost always comes from the client, even if they don't know it. It's about them and their environment, not my style.

I don't just design spaces aesthetically, I consider how they are experienced, what makes them enjoyable and how to enhance that, whether it's the light and aspect of a room, the view, or the journey to it. I like to work with contrasts, be it in colour, era, or volume.

My bolder side comes out in commercial projects, while my approach to residential design tends to result in calmer environments with a feel of laid-back luxury - a reaction to the scale of a space, I suppose, as much as its use.

How did you first start working with Bert & May?

I have been a client of Bert & May's several times myself when specifying for projects, most recently on The Landscape Lodge. It was clear we have a similar eye for interior design.

Why do you like about the brand?

Bert & May hasn’t just stuck to selling tiles - it’s an evolving lifestyle brand and when you buy a tile you are investing in a certain design language. The company is entrepreneurial and always ready and willing to try new ideas and grow the business. I like the flexibility and independence this opportunity gives me while still being part of an ambitious and friendly team.

I’m also a fan of the variety of products - although there is a certain aesthetic that lends itself to Bert & May tiles, there are enough colour and pattern variations to enable you to find your own unique design. With the help of a designer, the possibilities are endless...

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