New launch: introducing our latest colour - Marigold

New launch: introducing our latest colour - Marigold

By Victoria Smith

Mar 30, 2021

As you probably already know, colour is a huge part of Bert & May. We have a core palette inspired by the natural pigments in our reclaimed tiles that has been with us from the very start - it’s inherent to our brand and runs through absolutely everything we do.

While we are constantly innovating when it comes to design, rarely do we add to this palette, so when we do,

it’s a carefully considered process and a big deal for us. Not only does a new colour have to be beautiful, but it must also have longevity, and the flexibility to work across our whole story.

In Marigold, we have a wonderfully deep new orange that more than hits the brief. It’s bright enough to make an impact but still infused with our signature softness, and it also provides plenty of scope for creative pairings and design statements. In short, we absolutely love it.

The colour was born while we were developing our recently launched Diamonds  collection. One of our main reference points for these tiles was the mid-century modern movement and of course that included the era’s bold, earthy colourways. Orange was a key part of the mid-century palette, so we set about creating one that would make our Diamonds really shine.


When it comes to interiors, using orange can be tricky - it gives off such a happy feel but in full-on tones can be hard to live with, so we needed to strike a balance and create a shade that was rich and vibrant but infused with the classic, washed-out Bert & May finish. The final colour has a subtle, sun-soaked air - it references the rich tones of marigold flowers but is super laid-back and feels warm, inviting, and soft.

While it’s steeped in history and part of our tile heritage, Marigold also plays well to contemporary interior spaces, meaning it has that all-important flexibility too. Here are just some of the ways you can make the most of it in your home:



White tiles and paler shades add a fresh edge to the natural, rustic nature of Marigold’s terracotta tones. Keep it simple and understated by pairing Marigold with milky neutrals and chalky whites for a look that’s super liveable and timeless.



Pop of Blue 

Blue tiles and terracotta is a classic Mediterranean-inspired pairing that’s forever successful. Recreate the look by teaming Marigold with Azure or Petrol to create a rich, bold palette that references intense blue Mediterranean skies and sun-bleached terracotta terraces.



Strength in Old Iron

Striking blacks add a contemporary edge to Marigold, and in turn, Marigold’s gentle terracotta tones soften dark colours and stark architectural lines. It’s a colour match made in heaven and an easy way to achieve a high-end, design-led look in your own home. Try our Old Iron or Ebony Black.





Going for gold - explore other colours from the palette

Marigold is part of our orange palette which spans everything from soft peach to deep and earthy terracottas. Slightly deeper than its companions, it sits at the darker end of the orange spectrum, but with the signature softness that all our colours possess. Explore the palette here.

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