Samantha Todhunter X Bert & May

Samantha Todhunter: The Ric Rac Collection

By Marketing Bert & May

Apr 24, 2024

Inspired by the gentle scalloped ric rac trim found on traditional Spanish skirts and dresses, our collaboration with Samantha Todhunter proved so popular that we have introduced a new fresh colourway to the Ric Rac Collection: Forest Green. 

These bold and beautiful new tiles are designed to make a joyful statement. Thanks to Samantha’s clever and confident use of pattern and colour, they exude an exuberant and frivolous feel. 

Here, Samantha tells us a little about the collection...

How do you feel about launching a new colour in your design?

"I think it is a testament to the timelessness of this simple design that it is flourishing in its third year - and we are so thrilled to have launched a new flavour, Fig, fresh and green and full of boundless possibilities."

"Ric Rac is such a versatile design which is why I think it is hard to get bored - within the two designs of 1 and 2, there are multiple tiling options. The ebb and flow of the design is such that you are always drawn in, the softness of round edges is always calm whilst the dynamic colour combinations keep you on your toes.

I’m not quite sure why we didn’t do green in the first place, it is always a go to colour for me, so fresh and happy so it made perfect sense to pick this up as our new colour way and I am thrilled with the result."

"And the colour possibilities Fig has created when partnered with the Glacier Mint and Bubblegum have opened so many more doors when working with the collection. We have spent quite a lot of time playing with different iterations on the bespoke tile tool on the Bert & May website, there are so many different colourways that work in Ric Rac!"


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