White Tile Ideas for a Modern Home

White Tile Ideas for a Modern Home

By Megan Scott

Feb 15, 2023

If there’s one thing we love, it’s white interior design schemes that strike the right balance between contemporary and classic design. White tiles can bring a fresh and timeless openness to your kitchen, bathroom or living spaces. Thanks to their flexible nature, our white tiles can work almost anywhere in the house… 

Tile: White Terracotta 

Dare to bare 

The absolute simplicity of this striking space is a masterclass in white interior style. It's all about texture, tonal variation and a simple aesthetic. Confidence is key - you have to dare to bare, quite literally. The result? Well, we think our White Terracotta speaks for itself.. 


 Tile: White Marble Porcelain

A glimpse into heaven 

Introducing Bert & May Staples, our signature looks for less. A curated collection of products that all benefit from being practical as well as a more budget friendly option for your project. Our Marble effect porcelain tiles can bring so much joy and style and are the perfect solution if you’re looking to add sophistication to your interior.  

Tile: Skinny White Metro 

Simplistic perfection 

If you’re looking for a white glazed tile that’s more than simply a white glazed tile? Allow us to introduce our Skinny White Metro, a beautifully textured take on the classic. Skinny Metro Tiles classic, pared-back aesthetic and understated charm make it a natural partner to just about anything. 


Tile: Skinny White Metro 

Great Grout 

Whilst you can pair plain white tiles with black tiles for a classic monochrome look, using a contrasting grout can really make perfectly pale tiles pop. So if there’s a kitchen set‑up cooler than @olvh’s, we’d like to see it… 

Tile: White Herringbone Honed Marble Tile  

White on white is a big look  

White marble is a classic. It’s minimal and simple, with a little light veining and a soft, matt-polished finish. This effortlessly stylish space epitomises our love and style for the simplicity of raw materials.  


Tile: White Bejmat  

It’s as modern as you make it   

If you’re thinking about Zellige tiles, let this be your sign to do so. Handmade in Morocco, our Zellige & Bejmat tiles have a very distinct, raw aesthetic - their chips, flaws and imperfections are what make them a timeless aesthetic. Mix & match our White zellige with old and new materials and objects to create a scheme that is anything but plain.  

Tile: Grey Churriana 

Pattern works 

Simple contrasts can make the biggest statements, and our grey and white tiles will always have a timeless, elegant appeal. Our geometric Churriana tiles bring a touch of grey into the mix which softens the scheme and suits this perfectly balanced bathroom down to the ground.  


Tile: Darkroom Split Shift 1,2 & 3, Brighton Stone Plain Square Tile 

Burning love 

Our Split Shift tiles in collaboration with Darkroom were made for a display like this one, where their playful design allows for plenty of creativity when it comes to arrangement. Intersperse these geometric tiles with a white plain tile (Brighton Stone is the shade you want) to break up the pattern over larger space. It’s light and airy but the inky Ebony darkness adds a modern pop of drama that we absolutely love.  

Need more inspiration? Browse our White Gallery. 

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