How to Clean and Protect Outdoor Tiles

How to Clean and Protect Outdoor Tiles

By Zoe Crook

Jul 19, 2022

Outdoor tiles are a perfect way to fill an empty floor spacebut it is important to maintain and clean them regularly. Are you looking for the best way to clean outdoor tiles? Outdoor tiles are exposed to dirt and debris as well as experiencing all kinds of weather conditions. Cleaning outdoor tiles roughly once a week is a great way for them to stay in a good condition over a long period of time. As well as regular cleaning for maintenance, you will need to deep clean your tiles once or twice a year to prevent any mould growing.

Depending on the style of your outdoor tiles, whether they are Encaustic, Porcelain, Terracotta, Terrazzo or Marble, there are different cleaning steps you will need to consider.

Cleaning Outdoor Encaustic and Terracotta Tiles

Encaustic and Terracotta tiles that become stained or dirty can be cleaned with fresh water or PH neutral cleaners, avoiding acidic products. They will need to be sealed correctly as in our installation guide to ensure they are protected outdoors. To ensure they are kept in good condition, brush debris from the tiles regularly, and repair or replace missing or damaged.

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Cleaning Outdoor Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are a low maintenance tile and a great option for durability outdoors. When cleaning outdoor porcelain tiles, we suggest: 

Using a brush, sweep away any debris including leaves, sticks, and twigs.

Fill up a bucket with warm water and a PH neutral cleaner (we recommend Fila Cleaner Pro).

Using a nylon brush, dip into the water and begin to scrub your tiles, removing any in depth dirt.

Once the whole patio is cleaned, leave it to dry – you will notice the difference once they are all clean and dry.

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Cleaning Outdoor Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo flooring can be cleaned in a few easy steps, listed below:

Using a dry mop or a brush, sweep up any dust, debris, or loose dirt on the floor, as this will make it easier to clean any remaining stains or dirt.

Prepare your cleaning solution (we recommend Fila Cleaner Pro) and using soft, even strokes begin to clean the floor with a wet mop. Make sure to check manufacturer information on the bottle.

Fill a bucket of fresh water and mop again to remove the cleaner residues from the surface. Make sure you wait until the floor has fully dried before moving onto the next step.

Once dry, you have the option to buff the terrazzo floor, so it regains its natural shine.

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Cleaning Outdoor Marble Tiles

Layering marble tiling in your outdoor area will give your space a luxurious and classic look and feel. Since marble is a soft stone tile, specific and certain methods of cleaning must be methodically done step by step to ensure the condition of the stone is kept.

We suggest:

Start by making sure they clean any loose dust or debris is cleared off the tiles, use a dry mop to remove any of the excess dirt, as this will make it easier when using a damp mop.

Mix together warm water and a PH neutral cleaner (we recommend Fila Cleaner Pro). Make sure you fill a separate bucket of water to rinse the tiles.

Begin mopping the area with the cleaning water, area by area. Dip a soft cotton cloth into the cleaning water and begin a more in-depth scrub, removing any dirt or stains. As you start completing section of the marble, rinse the mop and wipe any cleaner residues from the tiles.

Once the area is clean, use a soft, microfiber cloth to dry the marble flooring. Make sure you remove any water marks as these may cause future stains.

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Protecting Outdoor Tiles

Protecting your outdoor tiles during installation is key to maintaining the look of your space. Tile Sealing is the best option to protect your tiles, whether these are indoor and outdoor tiles.

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