Five ways to style: Black Alalpardo
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Five ways to style: Black Alalpardo

By Victoria Smith

Sep 15, 2021

Whether they’re arranged in striking lines, haphazard halves or distinctive diamonds, our black Alalpardos are instantly recognisable and always make a statement. Here are some of this special tile’s finest moments…
Using Alalpardos to create diamonds results in a chequerboard‑with‑a‑twist effect that’s classic and contemporary all at once. We love this personality‑packed bathroom that really showcases the tiles’ contrasting colourways, which is hardly surprising ‑ it was conceived by our ever‑creative interior designer Louise Curnuck.
Big and bold

Big, bold and beautiful, Alalpardo zig‑zags are a great choice for spaces that lend themselves to statement‑making schemes. Here, the style‑savvy folk behind the quite frankly gorgeous Les Trois Mazots chalet in Morzine have used them to add contemporary contrast to the property’s traditional wooden walls.


Pale and interesting

Keeping things uniform makes for a scheme that’s boldly patterned but still beautifully together. This arrangement from Interiors by Bibiana adds a touch of the fun to a classic Victorian hallway, while the tiles’ no‑nonsense monochrome colourway is complemented by clean and serene plain white walls.

The dark side

A similar scheme as the one above, but this time it’s the black of the tiles that’s picked out on the walls, creating a sultry space that oozes style in scheme by Georgie Boyd. 

Strike the balance

While the arrangement is seemingly random, there’s nothing accidental about the attention‑grabbing design of this brilliant bathroom by Abra Wynn. We think this scheme really showcases our Alalpardos’ flexible nature and illustrates just how far you can take these special tiles in just about any space. If you love this aesthetic take a look at our full collection of monochrome tiles.

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