Need To Know: Glazed Tiles

Need To Know: Glazed Tiles

By Megan Scott

Feb 11, 2021

We think our glazed tiles are pretty special. Crafted in Spain and Portugal, they are glazed by hand, meaning each one is completely unique. Their surfaces are gently reflective, creating a multifaceted look that shifts with the daylight, while colour‑wise they range from delicate neutrals to deep, luscious jewel tones, all derived from the natural pigments we love. If you’re thinking about going for glazed, here’s what you need to know…


1. They can make a subtle statement...

This splashback seems simple at first glance, but the subtle panel of White Square Glazed tiles adds depth and interest to the space. We love how the light bounces off this backdrop, creating a gentle sheen that draws the eye while still honouring the understated nature of the overall aesthetic.



2. ...or become a full-on focal point

Glazed tiles make the perfect splashback. Take this outdoor kitchen from the home of our Creative Director, Ruth Webber, pairing our antique Tivissa with Moss Green Bejmat. 


3. They're timeless

We never get bored of looking at the rich, deep colour of our Little Greene Royal Navy Glazed Tiles. 



4. They're not meant to be perfect

Our glazed collections aren’t made to conform ‑ these tiles wear their differences and imperfections with pride. This shower from @vlpaling_styling @studioore allows the distinct character of our hand glazed tiles to really shine ‑ if you look closely and you can see the care and attention that goes into each one. It’s apparent in the shape, the colour, and every inch of the glaze. For us, it doesn't get better than that.

Image @maxwellandcompany


5. They've got hidden depths

Don’t just think kitchens and bathrooms ‑ glazed tiles can add wow factor to all sorts of places. Take this pool in the courtyard of a live‑work house built in a former commercial building in Rotterdam by Dutch architecture firm @mvrdv ‑ it’s already impressive, but the brilliant hue of our Ink Blue glazed squares upgrades it to an attention‑commanding design piece in its own right. As featured by @dezeen.


6. They love the light

Our blue glazed tiles are flooded with natural light in this East London project by @maxwellandcompany and bounce it right back to illuminate the room from the ground up beautifully. Again, it’s a case of these seemingly simple tiles providing a big hit of depth and intrigue, and that’s what we really love about glazed ‑ they offer so much more than you initially realise. 

Image by @landers_photos

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