Need to Know: Terracotta

Need to Know: Terracotta

By Zoe Bert & May

Mar 24, 2022

There’s something truly timeless about terracottaThanks to its flexible nature and laid-back looks, it fits seamlessly into any space, modern or classic, and just doesn’t seem to date. We love its spectrum of warm hues - from deep, burnt brown-orange to pale and pretty peach - and enjoy dipping into its beautiful colour palette to create standout spaces both inside and out. If you think it’s time to try terracotta, here’s what you need to know…

It can soften the starkest of spaces

The longer you look at the interior of MNMA Studios’ commercial space, @doistropicos, the more you appreciate the real softness that terracotta can provide. Thanks to blanket use of perfectly pale terracotta tiles, the super-modern lines of the central island blend beautifully into the floor and create a gentle flow throughout. It’s a real wow moment. Designed by @mnmastudio, photography by @andreklotz.


It loves colour


Our handmade terracotta tiles look gorgeous together but are equally successful when paired with other colours. We particularly love to see them with dusty blues - a natural pairing inspired by land and sea that’s as classic as they come.


Every tile is different

Each of our reclaimed rectangle terracotta tiles is unique, and whether it’s slight variations in colour or imperfections in the finish, these nuances are what make them so special. Expect a terracotta floor to change throughout the day as the light catches the different shades and textures of each tile. Juxtapose with modern furniture to maximise impact as demonstrated by @_lisa_dawson.


It’s great for big spaces...

Got a huge amount for floor space to cover? Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, terracotta has got it covered, quite literally. Thanks to its super-soft colour palette, you can use an abundance of terracotta and it will never overwhelm.

...but also perfect for smaller rooms

The pale hue of these terracotta hexagons works perfectly in @Theoakhousee bathroom space - the creamy colour against the glazed blue on the shower walls creates an overall look that’s soft and welcoming with hidden depths.


You can pair it with pattern

Terracotta can provide the perfect blank canvas for bold patterns, and when paired well, the effects can be fantastic. Try teaming terracotta hexagons with rich blue and white patterned tiles for an impactful look that’s still soft on the eye.

Explore our Terracotta Collection here.

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