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Outdoor Spaces

By Ruth Webber

Mar 21, 2018

We are finally welcoming warmer climes, brighter skies and longer days. It’s making me think about spending time outdoors. Decorating and creating an outdoor space has become just as important as redecorating your lounge. And what I love about the outside world is that you have a ready made canvas just waiting to be painted. The changing skies, the green foliage and maybe a brickwall and wooden fencing translates beautifully with the Bert & May aesthetic. The raw natural pigments and textures found in architectural materials - the natural finish of concrete, worn loved pieces of wood, the warmth of terracotta and the natural materials used to our tiles.

I’m always on the look out for inspirational spaces and I‘ve noticed how interior design has had a huge influence on garden and outside spaces.

Inside Out
Go terracottas, pinks and reclaimed

These simple and understated finds on Pinterest create a reclaimed and earthy feel with depth, warmth and honesty in their design. And can easily flow from inside to out. Our reclaimed tiles and handmade raw Siham and Pradena star tile  can easily create this more rustic look.

 Or go minimal and stylistic with strong whites and warm terracottas, simple, clean and effortless.  A raw terracotta finish against the white washed walls takes you to relaxing sun drenched terraces.  Or add tones of greens for it to soften into its natural setting.

Right Image: @chateaudedirac 

There’s something about @chateaudedirac I’m completely taken by it, everything is left in it’s original state, simple and bohemian, old strips of wallpaper left in part, warm reclaimed terracottas and natural greens. If you’ve not yet discovered please do peruse.

Uplifting Green

I love warming greens in all shades and I love how green harmonises with all colours, great for an inviting hallway and strong and confident in an outside space.  Allow your self to go bold, exciting and fun and form a fabulous fusion with the outdoor. 

Images: @lizagiles 

Green Tiles

Compliment any of these looks with some raw natural pigment plains tiles. Plains have long been part of our collection and often seen as a complimentary tile to the pattern but we see beauty and style in them as an individual. Our plains can give a different perspective, they have an earthiness in their tone, understated and connected back to nature.

If you are more of a minimalist and need clean lines then visit the Conran collobaration. This collection has an instinctive Conran feel about it fused with Bert &May’s raw finish.

Conran Tiles

Not matter what size your space is there is always potential to do something. Where space is minimal vertical gardens are a great idea, there’s lot of DIY advice on how to build one on Pinterest.  Or go for an outdoor retreat like @Deecampling  Dee’s space has a casual ambience where you just want to hang out.  Bring in the ambience with lighting, sheepskins, linens and fire pit and enjoy that welcoming space that goes from day to night.


Right Images: @deecampling 

For more inspiration check out our Pinterest board. 

If you’d like to chat through ideas, get a sample or make a design consultation just get in touch. All our tiles can be used outdoors, they are used to basking in the Spanish sunshine and are hardy enough for a frosty British winter.


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