Style Guide: Antique
Style Guide

Style Guide: Antique

By Victoria Smith

May 4, 2022

Made up of recreations of some of the finest reclaimed finds we’ve come across, our Antique Collection is where we get to fuse the old with the new. These tiles are steeped in tradition and incredibly beautiful – they’re a great way of adding an air of faded glamour to all sorts of spots, from contemporary spaces to period properties, and thanks to the fact they’re handmade in concrete, they’re practical and long-lasting, too. Here’s how you can use them to create special spaces in your home…


Perfect harmony

Create a focal-point floor by teaming a classic colour palette on the walls with a statement Antique Collection floor tile. @deecampling used the Amanacer tile with no-nonsense white walls to create a space that’s relaxing, refined, and really, really cool...


Keep it simple

Super simple but still impactful, the Cozar is a design classic. This tile is a great choice for hallways in period properties, or take inspiration from @cornishwife.cornishlife and use it to make a big impact in a small bathroom.

Star of the show

Our Guadix Navy’s celestial pattern is beautifully intricate, but this tile’s minimal colour palette keeps things on the right side of simple. Guadix is most at home on floors, where its interconnecting design can go on and on…


Colour pop

Bold and brilliant, Aztec One is screaming out to be used in a sunny spot where its gorgeous Azure and Marigold palette can really shine. There’s something incredibly satisfying about seeing this tile’s contrasting colours side by side - try it outdoors to create a terrace or patio with serious wow factor.


Clever contrasts

Our geometric Antique Collection designs, such as the Eugenie, work particularly well in schemes that fuse the old with the new - they soften up the edges while still respecting the overall aesthetic. This bathroom by the clever design duo behind The Malthouse Projects  showcases the look perfectly. We also love how they’ve picked up the tile’s pretty colour palette with a super-sleek sky-blue sink and matt-black tap.


Dial it up to the max

The patterns may be intricate, but you don’t need to be shy when designing spaces with our Antique Collection tiles as their muted colour palettes mean it’s basically impossible to overdo it. Witness: a stunning shower fully clad in Carmona Marron that each make their own statement in a beautifully understated way… 

Modern romance

Who needs a carpet when you can use tiles instead? @pearllowe selected our Quinta Marron to tile a floor in her new coastal home, creating a romantic space that’s infused with gentle glamour but still incredibly practical.


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