Tile Inspiration for a Contemporary Bathroom

Tile Inspiration for a Contemporary Bathroom

By Victoria Smith

Jul 4, 2022

Tiles for contemporary bathrooms

Whether you’re starting a bathroom renovation project from scratch or looking to update your existing space, the right tiles can help you create a cool, contemporary room that’s still elegant and relaxing. These modern bathroom tile ideas should set you on the right track…

A luxurious marble feature wall

Create a striking focal point by installing a feature wall. Marble tiles are a great choice for this thanks to their stunning colourways and rich natural detailing.  From dramatic Black to dreamy Fennel, pretty Rose to ethereal White, our marble tiles come in a range of shades that will make a real impact in any space. Use complementary accessories throughout the rest of the room to bring everything together in perfect harmony. Modern luxury at its most beautiful.

Neutral grey bathroom designs

Grey is the ultimate contemporary neutral and can be paired with just about anything. Incorporating grey walls or grey flooring tiles into your bathroom will instantly create a base colour for layering up brighter colours in the form of furniture, fittings, and accessories. Not only is grey a wonderful neutral colour to plan your interiors around, it's also great for creating a modern mood.

If you're looking for grey inspiration for your bathroom, check out our range of grey tiles.

A modern and minimalist style

Minimalism in interior design emphasises simplicity so start by clearing out any unnecessary extras. Sticking to neutral tones or even just one colour throughout your scheme is the key to nailing this cool, contemporary look where the old adage ‘less is more’ really comes into its own.

See our White and Neutral Gallery for inspiration.

Finishing touches

Things to consider when decorating your contemporary bathroom:

Adding greenery

Adding plants to a bathroom is an easy, yet effective way to create a fresh, modern, relaxing feel. Plants can also help cleanse the air and bring life into small spaces.

Make your space lighter

Bright spaces always feel energising, calming, and contemporary, so think about ways you can work with your bathroom’s natural light. Light colours on the walls and light-reflecting tiles are two great ways to illuminate your space in style.


Install design-forward storage units to create clean, modern lines and remove excess toiletries to keep your space fuss-free and super stylish.

If you're looking for bathroom design inspiration, see our Bathroom Gallery and entire Bathroom Tile Collection.

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