Neutral Tiles

From marble to limestone, gloss to texture, choose from our range of unique bespoke neutral tiles for your floors and walls. Create a neutral, organic base, which gives you opportunity to mix and match your colour palette or stick to a basic modern and minimalist finish. Browse our collection below.

Brighton Stone
#02 Rolling Fog™ Square Tile (MA) Tiles - Handmade
Rolling Fog
Sand White
#05 Milk Yellow™ Herringbone Tile Tiles - Handmade

Transform your space with neutrality

Neutrals may seem simple but they’re so much more complex than they first appear. In fact, our white and grey shades are anything but straightforward - we add different hints of colour to create the tone we want to achieve, such as blue for cooler colours and red for warmer. Getting it right is about balancing small differences in tone to create the layered and effortless look we’re known for.

Not only do neutral colours brighten a space but they also provide a fantastic base to style and decorate a room. By adding neutral tiles to a space, you have more room to experiment with bright, statement colours that contrast beautifully.

Browse our collection of neutral plain and patterned tiles below...

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