Bert's Boxes

Designed by the award-winning architects Box 9 Design in collaboration with Bert & May, Bert’s Boxes are redefining pre-fabricated living. We are committed to making unique living spaces with naturally beautiful materials and fine craftsmanship.
Every Bert’s Box will have a raw yet refined aesthetic, restrained & deeply beautiful. Our innovative, modular living spaces are thoughtfully designed, environmentally friendly & technologically advanced, connecting you back with your environment.
These architect-designed standalone, prefabricated living and work spaces aren’t a new concept - we joined forces with award-winning architects Box 9 Design, to launch them 6 years ago (if you’ve ever been to The Pig in Brockenhurst you may have even stayed in one of the two on-site there already) - but what’s new for 2020 is the Study Box, a smaller version of the original design, and it makes a perfect home office.

Bert's Study Box

The Study Boxes are unique in the pre-fab world as they use beautiful, reclaimed, handmade and hand-aged materials," says Lou Davies from Box 9 Design. "And like with the rest of our boxes, we have curated a range of materials that allow customers to personalise their box in the knowledge that any combination they choose will work together."

Prices start from £27,500


Bert's Bedroom Boxes

We have a range of boxes available to suit your needs. From our Studio Box which is is perfectly suited for a hotel or garden guest room, to our Two Bed Box which is the ultimate cabin bolthole or city apartment.

Prices start from £108,000

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