Bert & may x darkroom

We collaborated with the uber cool East London design brand Darkroom and created “Split Shift”, a fabric and encaustic tile collection that is as bold as it is graphic.

The collaboration began when we were building a barge, when we invited Darkroom to produce a series of wall mounted plates as an art installation. The Darkroom geometric shapes were the perfect addition to the design-focused interior of the barge and formed the inspiration for the new Darkroom tiles and fabrics.

Their aesthetic celebrates the bold and their signature use of graphic forms. A celebration of three graphic shapes, the tiles can form triangles, circles or squares; or a playful mix of something in-between. Our “darkroom black” is a signature colour which is created with natural pigments.

We fitted the exterior and the bathroom in the Split Shift tiles and used the fabric for bed linen and cushions.

We shot an installation using our Darkroom tiles on the roof of our East London showroom.

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