7 Stunning Ways to Use Moroccan Tiles in Your Home

7 Stunning Ways to Use Moroccan Tiles in Your Home

By Marketing Bert & May

May 30, 2023

We have always been inspired by the lively, geometric patterns and colours of Moroccan tiles. With so much variety, zellige and traditional tiles are incredibly versatile and can add warmth and depth to plenty of spaces around the home. If you're looking to introduce Moroccan-made and inspired tiles into your home, here are our favourite ways to make every room into a work of art.

1. Create Bright Spaces Using Unique Moroccan Kitchen Floor Tiles

Patterned tiles in the kitchen can really bring the space to life and colour floor tiles are a great way to add colour to your home's design. Go for something warm and inviting like the Alhama tile in garnet, which has a gorgeously intricate pattern on a rich red background. Pair these invigorating floor tiles or similar with light walls to make the colours take centre stage.

2. Design Playful Backsplashes with Moroccan-Inspired Tiles

A beautiful backsplash can be the key to tying together your kitchen's look. It's a fantastic space to get creative with patterns and colours. Nod towards the Islamic design influences with star tiles which combine the traditional celestial motif with Bert & May exclusive colours for a contemporary finish. Or consider small Luna tiles which can be combined with plain tiles for a pared-back approach. And keep an eye out for the Pradena pattern, ideal for creating a statement-making, bold finish.

3. Energise with Moroccan Tiles in the Hallway

Often underutilised, exciting hallway tiles can help your entranceway set the tone for the rest of the home. Try striking patterns as seen in our traditional tiles. Sourced from Southern Spain, many of these playful pieces bring bright colours, natural motifs, and mesmerising shapes to create a spectacular hallway full of North African influence.

4. Embrace Eternal Summer Using Outdoor Moroccan Tiles

When it comes to outdoor tiles, patterns are a wonderful way to make your garden or patio vibrant and lively all year round. Introduce a crisp, brightness with our Tivissa Verde tiles that include delicate dot work in a refreshing green. These work especially well as a statement bar or patio when paired against rustic terracotta tiles to really embrace the Moorish design


5. Find Modernity in Handcrafted Zellige Tiles

Simple yet impactful, zellige tiles have been made and used in Morocco for centuries. These handcrafted tiles have a unique, textured finish that gives beautiful depth and individuality to each piece. Use Moroccan zellige tiles to create a subtle statement wall with warm neutral tones that work well to brighten spaces, especially if there is a lot of natural light.

Our zellige glazed tiles are glossy and vibrant, perfect as wall tiles and for backsplashes. These can give added depth and sophistication to a space while still invoking a minimalist design choice.

6. Make a Statement Bathroom with Moroccan Tiles

Get creative in your bathroom with an exciting, patterned tile that is ready to energise the room. Blue tiles are a timeless option for this space, especially with so many shades to choose from – you can create something very bespoke with a traditional choice that evokes the colourways of North Africa and the Mediterranean. Discover bright tones such as the sky blue bejmat, which you can mix with another colour for bespoke laying patterns.

We also adore the impact of the dark fennel square zellige tiles in a contemporary bathroom. This rich, moody shade is a real showstopper, perfect for floors and shower rooms

7. Revitalise Your Fireplace with Moroccan Tiles

A hearth may be a small part of the room but it can be a wonderful focal point of the design when paired with the right tiles. Rejuvenate your fireplace with a colourful Moroccan style that helps guide the eye line. Make a real splash with our reclaimed patchwork tiles that include a variety of differently patterned tiles to create a joyful mismatched statement.

Moroccan design is full of vibrancy, fun, and tradition, which makes it a truly unique choice for your home's interior. Explore our full range of reclaimed tiles to see the many beautiful options for authentic Moroccan and Spanish pieces.

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