By Victoria Smith

Apr 28, 2021

Our Black Alalpardo - now available in Porcelain

Our cement tiles are undoubtedly what we’re best-known for - they’re inherent to the business, part of our brand DNA, and we absolutely love them - but one of the most common requests we’ve received over the years is for our designs to be recreated in porcelain.

As obsessives over imperfect textures and chalky finishes, we have always found this concept pretty radical, and were never sure how it could work without the finished product losing much of what we believe makes our tiles so special. How would the colours translate? Could the designs work as well? And would the charm of cement be totally lost in porcelain? Not ones to shy away from a challenge - and always ready to take our clients’ suggestions on board - we (finally) decided to find out...

We needed to find a maker who was able to recreate the detail and nuances of our cement finish on porcelain - one that understood our look and could make it work with a totally new material. We turned to our friends at Fired Earth - who are real porcelain experts - to help us identify the right people for the job, and the good news is, we did.

As of this week, Bert & May’s first porcelain tiles are pressed, fired, and ready to go. We’ve called the collection Bert & May Porcelain, and it includes recreations of nine of our favourite existing designs, each one infused with the all-important milky colours and imperfect textures we hold so dear.

We think these tiles combine just the right mix of functionality, beauty and charm, and we can’t wait to share them with you. Thanks for the inspiration...

Bert & May Porcelain - the full collection:

Pradena in black, green and pink


Made from a fine clay and fired at a high temperature to remove any moisture meaning, porcelain is hard and dense with a low absorption rate, making it perfect for wet rooms.

Alalpardo in black, green and pink 


Colour-wise, the slightly darker hues of our Bert & May Porcelain tiles still possess our signature softness

Majadas in black, green and pink



The imperfections and slight pitted nature of our cement tiles have been recreated in porcelain beautifully

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