New launch: Introducing our Scandi-inspired Naked collection

New launch: Introducing our Scandi-inspired Naked collection

By Victoria Smith

Apr 15, 2021

This month, we’ve turned our attentions to all things Scandinavian. We love how Scandi-inspired interior design takes the starkness of minimalism and softens it to create a feel that’s accommodating and timeless, and can’t get enough of the neutral hues, natural finishes and clean yet gently unstructured lines that underpin the look. 

Our appreciation of the style comes through in so many of our designs, and whilst we may be known for our pastel colourways and patterns, one of our most popular tiles is our plain Brighton Stone Herringbone, which couldn’t be more Scandi if it tried.

And that’s what got us thinking. How could we celebrate everything that makes Scandi style special, re-focus our gaze on our more pared-back ranges, and enable customers to shop the look with ease? What we came up with is our new Naked Collection, a selection of the tiles we feel really represent everything that makes Scandi-style interiors so successful. 


This carefully curated collection features ranges that exude understated style and natural elegance - a selection of tiles that appear simple but are deceptively complex, in a colour palette of gentle whites and neutrals. We’ve included our popular Wave, Rubix and Grid Line tiles, alongside a range of plains in matt and gloss finishes, and there’s a special new design featured, too - our recently launched Hexagon Splits


Our Naked Collection brings together some of our most neutral tones and simple designs to create looks that are anything but 

These beautiful new tiles have a refined, Scandi-inspired aesthetic that’s modern, fresh and clever. We like to think of them as ‘New Nordic’ - clean and simple with a warm, playful - and unexpected - edge. Each one features a subtle colour split in a neutral tone, meaning you can play with the tessellations to create a layout that’s totally random, or position them to form a uniform pattern. The scope for creativity they offer is quite something.

 Our new Hexagon Splits in Pearl and Brighton Stone

These tiles take their hues from our natural pigments palette - Pearl, Portland Stone and Brighton Stone - and really represent what the Naked Collection is all about. If you’re feeling inspired, here are just some of the ways that this beautiful new design - as well as other tiles from the collection - can be used to create a range of takes on the Scandi look in your home:

Hexagon Split in Pearl and Leather

Leather lends its warmth to Pearl’s creamy tones and the result is an elegant tile that makes a statement without shouting about it. Use to create a welcoming and timeless hall space that’s impactful without being in your face.

Inverse Pearl Wave and Pearl Low Bar 

Scandi style is an exercise in interior design restraint. It’s sleek and uncomplicated but with a soft edge, and a perfectly balanced aesthetic. These beautifully simple tiles illustrate that idea beautifully - the subtle patterns add intrigue while neutral colourways keep things clean and calm.

Handmade Square Terracotta

Terracotta’s unique finish adds interest to sparse spaces while the soft peachy tones and deeper orange highlights add beautiful depth. Keep accessories simple to let the tiles do the talking.

Herringbones in Brighton Stone and Old Iron 
Scandinavian design often plays with light tones and whites, warmed up with pale bare woods and rich teaks. Pair with sculptural angular furniture for a look that’s timeless and incredibly liveable.

To find out more or discuss a project you’re planning, get in touch with us here.

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