Dark Kitchen Inspiration

Dark Kitchen Inspiration

By Zoe Crook

Sep 2, 2022

A Bert & May Dark Kitchen

A dark kitchen is more than simply a black tiled kitchen, and a Bert & May dark kitchen is bold, beautiful, and full of personality. When designing a dark kitchen, it’s important to consider every element in the space. Here’s our guide to creating a dark kitchen with character...


Image: Tinker House

The Best Bert & May Tiles for a Dark Kitchen

Whether you’re looking for a bold dark patterned tile or a plain dark tile, we have a collection of expertly hand-crafted kitchen tiles to enhance your space:


Dark Patterned Tiles

Dark patterned tiles can be used to create a feature wall, a cooker splashback, or flooring to add texture and tone to your space. Our Old Iron Luna Tile is a great choice for a dark kitchen. It is contemporary enough to suit a modern space and traditional enough to fit in seamlessly with a classic scheme. If you are concerned a dark kitchen may appear cold, opting for a patterned dark tile will lift a darker space. A Bert & May kitchen wouldn't feel right without a nod to our traditional Spanish craftsmanship, and our Black Santona tile is a lovey example of classic Spanish design in a simple duo of elegant black and white.


Plain Dark Tiles

Our Ebony Black Hexagonal tile is a sophisticated choice that stands out thanks to its unusual shape. Being made of cement, this tile has a wonderful chalky finish and is suitable for both kitchen floors and walls. Another dark plain tile to consider when seeking dark kitchen inspiration is our Ebony Black Herringbone Tile.



Combining Dark and Light Tiles

Ideas for a dark kitchen don't have to only involve dark tiles. We suggest adding pops of colour to your darker interior to break up the space. If you're looking for a dark tile with elements of colour, see our Aztec Two tile. This striking design marries dark grey tones with vibrant orange and green. It adds a splash of colour without taking away from a striking dark kitchen.



Looking for more inspiration? See our Black and White Gallery.

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